Big Brown Eyes under a fadora. She sings, you stop. Captivating powerful voice. Then the melody sets in. Skilled like Joni Mitchel, but with even more energy! What people love-- enough like other timeless musicians- that it feels like home, but so special that it reminds you of nothing else.


I, Mi, born and raised near Los Angeles, CA had the dream like many to rock the stage. Whether it was wailing my vocal chords out like Whitney Housten, or animating the Broadway stages like Annie, I knew I would be singing. I found a better medium. . . a guitar, my own songs, my loud voice and my own curly hair.
After living it up on Sunset and Hollywood, I ventured out to the East Coast. I have never been so humbled as a musician. Living in Georgia, to North Carolina, I have met groomed and skilled musicians- hungry only to play rather than fit in to a commercial mold. I recorded my first album, "LEMONS" and played and played and played. Adaptability I have gained from venue to venue, through every audience and sound system.
My sound has eventful melodies like Joni Mitchell, but with an edge and range like Alanis Morrisette. I have the best time performing- where I am the most comfortable singing strong and loud!
Learning how to capture that strength of vocals on my next album is my current work. I am writing for my second album, while playing out and making new fans=) (AND wearing a green barista apron on the side).
I will not stop- I am eager to grow as a songwriter. I know my persistance, passion, and dedication is what is needed in the music industry.


Big Day

Written By: Michelle Armstrong

big day
recently we hit a rut- with many moments wasted. i suggested venture out- of our suffocation.
trotted of to re-discover your worldly ambitions. are you bursting out- of a shell we molded?
(chorus) got my honey flying in, it's a big day. i'll decipher by the light on his face- if we're back- right on track-- got to get it down down- are we here to stay? i see now how comfortable we were with contentment. sun can only shine so long, 'till a thirsty drought hits. why not bring the rain - back in, to re- gain life? (rpt. chorus) step down as quick as you can- or will you be hesitating? my arms are open, will yours be ready for taking? (rpt. chorus)


Written By: Michelle Armstrong

she believes in God, and you're envious of a bigger love than you. wishing she would read a picture book, or a history book on you. (chorus) green dress, her shoulders- the all nights you'd rather idolize her whole everything- and go crazy - then ever analyze you're a lonely man- and she knows it more than you. calling her up to hear she'll call up- it gives you that ounce of hope. twiddling your fingers forward and back , curling up all of your toes. (chorus) blue dress- her bare back- the all nights you'd rather idolize her whole everything -and go crazy- then ever analyze you're a lonely man- and she knows it more than you.  black dress- her bare chest- the all nights you'd rather idolize her whole everything- and go crazy- than ever analyze- you're a lonely man- and she knows it more than you.


"Lemons"- her own album

Set List

around 10- 15 songs depending on time slot and venue. But I have 0ver 60 original songs

no covers unless asked.

top 10 fav. requested songs
1)Bound to Happen
2)Big Day
5)The Ending
6)Not Quite
7)Downtown Studio
8)Just As You Are
9) Burned
10) Come Around