Austin, Texas, USA
BandHip HopSoul

M.i is a soulful hip hop artist that produces, writes, records, engineers & mixes most of his material using everything from an MPC, Keyboards, Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Live Bass to percussion instruments. Tyler Keyes contributes production as well. Videos by AaronIsNotCool


From Austin, M.i has been gradually building his fan base
internationally since 2009 by releasing mixtapes, singles & music
videos online. M.I started to get featured on some of
the most popular Hip Hop blogs & websites such as XXL, HipHopDX, OkayPlayer, AllHipHop, DjBooth.net, 2DopeBoyz, The
Smoking Section, YouHeardThatNew, AshleyOutrageous,
GoodMusicAllDay.com, RubyHornet & many more. M.I has a greater online
presence than in his hometown, but M has been performing in Austin
clubs since he was 17 (The Vibe,Lucky Lounge, District 301, Red Eyed Fly, North Door) After 'The Jack Johnson Sessions' came out in 2010, M.I released a DjBooth.net
Sponsored project entitled 'Prep Time' which was available for sale
on ITunes & also for free download in 2011. In February 2012, M.I wrote/recorded/produced & released an AshleyOutrageous.com, GoodMusicAllday.com & DjBooth.net
sponsored project called 'The Coldplay Sessions'.

"Pushing Keyes", produced entirely by Tyler Keyes was released in May of 2013. M.I is now prepping his next sample based project & debut album.

M.I has been writing, recording & producing music since he was 14 &
doesn't show any signs of slowing down.


'Pushing Keyes' (2013)
'The Coldplay Sessions' (2012)
'Prep Time' (2011)
'The Jack Johnson Sessions' (2010)
'The Mixtape: Practice' (2008)
'87 Hip Hop' (2006)
'What Y'all Wanted' (2005)
'Clever With It' (2004)