My music is contemporary, sweet, poppy, and quirky. A mix between Alison Krauss, Sarah McLachlin, and Sara Groves." Reflective original lyrics driven by hooks and harmonies.


Mia is a Canadian adult contemporary singer/songwriter hailing from Winnipeg, MB. She recently finished recording her 3 song demo CD and is ambitiously working towards embarking upon a full-length compilation.
Mia has sang and written music for most of her life and has been involved in small choral ensembles, solo performances at various functions and as a worship leader at her church. Mia has just completed a set of songs that she is excited about performing, and looks forward to upcoming gigs.
"Grace for anyone. I hope to send the message of hope to those who might be in a rough place. Just recently, I have really started to ask God who He wants me to be. As I write about my experiences with God, I am overwhelmed at how many times He has saved me from myself and carried me."
Pure and sweet, Mia’s vocals also have a quirky essence which makes her songs original, unique and refreshing to listen to. “I love vocal harmonies and instrumental grooves. There is nothing better than finding that sweet spot in a song which makes the entire piece make sense.”
Mia is inspired to write about God's grace as she has witnessed it in her life. Her songs reflect on His grace to carry her; to use her despite her weaknesses and flaws, and to provide hope through some dark times. She hopes that people will identify with her need for grace and find hope and comfort in God's promises. "That no matter how many times we fall, God is there to pick us up and use us beyond anything we could have imagined."


Mia - 3song ep
Single "Uncover" on the Joshua Project CD

Set List

My "set-ready" songs include: Letting Go, In Your presence, Uncover, Annointed, Hear Me, Just You, Dare, Burdened down, Capture Me, and Promised.
I have sung a few songs at various venues as openers. Most of my songs are between 4 and 5 minutes long.