Mia D'Alton

Mia D'Alton


I'm a 21 year-old singer-songwriter with so much to say. My songs are written from the heart, and I love music with all my soul.


Hi. I'm Mia :)

I’m 21.

My best friend is my notebook, with my guitar a close second. They’re my best friends because they don’t judge me when I tell them everything. They hold my closest secrets. I write songs about how I feel and what I go through. It’s my therapy, my release. My hair constantly changes colour, as I get bored easily…

I’ve been writing lyrics since I was 10, and always dreamed about seeing my name in lights. I didn’t start playing guitar until I was 18, but when I would write lyrics, I could hear in my head how every instrument would sound. I want to be an inspiration to people. I always imagine what it would be like to stand on stage in a massive stadium and hear thousands of people singing my songs with me.

I’m a quiet person. Silence is good; it doesn’t always need to be filled. I don’t feel the need to talk constantly. I prefer to observe people. Because of this, I’ve always been told I’m “oddly quiet”. I don’t mind.

Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love are grunge legends. They are both unbelievably amazing. Alexz Johnson is the most underrated artist I know. She’s so so talented – look her up. She deserves so much more recognition. She inspired me to pick up the guitar and learn to play. Taylor Swift is an amazing lyricist and a fantastic performer, and inspired me to be honest in my song writing, even if it means naming names ;).

I’d like to say that I believe everyone is honest with me, but over the last few years I’ve realised that sometimes the people you think are the most honest with you are the ones talking about you behind your back. It hurts, and because of this, I’ve now become someone who doesn’t trust easily. I’m not perfect, no one is. I’ve made mistakes, but it’s those little imperfections that build character and make you stronger.

My lucky number is 7, because I was born on January 7th, three and a half months premature. It was really lucky that I survived, so because of this, I see the number 7 to be my lucky number.

I love the rain. I think it’s magical to watch it fall to the ground and sparkle on the pavement. I also love pretty dresses, boots, lots of eyeliner and red lipstick. I have one motto in life: Live, Love, Be Free.

My music is very eclectic. Anything from pop, to rock, to a world rhythmic beat. I’m very experimental and open to new ideas. I like to be unique. I’ve always felt like the misfit. But that’s okay, because I’ve learnt that being different is actually a good thing.

If you want to be my friend, take me for who I am, don’t try to change me – it doesn’t work! And listen to my music, because that’s where I truly express myself.

Love, Live, Be Free,

Mia x.x.x


Louis' Song (Brightest Star)

Written By: Mia D'Alton

Verse 1
Fast car, brick wall, no time to brake
You didn’t want any time to think
Headlights so bright, no time for goodbyes
Did you question anything?

Did it hurt when you crashed into the wall?
Do you wish you could turn back it all?
Can you see how much we miss you?

Verse 2
News broke, so numb, I couldn’t breathe
Felt so surreal, thought it was all a dream
It keeps going round in my head
Tyres screech, smashed car, you lying there, dead
Do you regret anything?

Did it hurt when you crashed into the wall?
Do you wish you could turn back it all?
Can you see how much we miss you?
Did you see us cry, fall to our knees
Did you see the tears stream down my cheeks?
I can’t believe you’re gone

You’re the brightest star in the sky now
I can see you looking down on me
I sometimes hear your laugh, it makes me smile
I hope you’re happy/I hope you’re free

Did it hurt when you crashed into the wall?
Do you wish you could turn back it all?
Can you see how much we miss you?
Did you see us cry, fall to our knees
Did you see the tears stream down my cheeks?
Did you see me hate you for what you did?
How could you leave, you’re so selfish
But I just really miss you

I’ll always miss you
I won’t forget you
Shining star
Brightest Star….


Written By: Mia D'Alton


Verse 1
People say “you could marry him”
Yeah, I could see myself doin’ that
But I’m not even 22 yet
Got so much left to figure out
And though I love him
It’s more a one-way street
He’s got other things on his mind
So I’ll pack up and leave for a year
Leave everything I know behind

I’ll soar through the sky
Like a bird takin’ flight
Back to where I belong
In to the arms of the people who know me
With just my guitar, I can’t go wrong
And I hope you’ll miss me
I just need some time to be free, to discover me
So if you wait for me
I’ll come back from Tennessee

Verse 2
Would you even ask me? Give me a diamond ring?
I don’t think it’s crossed his mind
He’s too wrapped up pretending life’s as simple as rollin’ a dice
And I got so much to learn still
If I don’t go now, I never will
Gotta chance it and see where life
Takes me if I just try and fly


Maybe I’ll see your true intentions
When I tell you I’m leavin’
And maybe we’ll have a tearful goodbye
And you’ll try convince me o’ stayin’


So I kiss your lips
And you wipe a tear from my cheek
You say “please stay”, I shake my head and say “Please wait…”
And I hope you’ll miss me while I’m gone finding myself
But if you wait for me,
Wait for me
I’ll come back from Tennessee…