Mia LeBlon

Mia LeBlon

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

LeBlon's mix of Chinese & Brazilian captures people's attention at first glance. But, LeBlon's riveting performances keep people coming back for more. Standing only at 5’3’’, she commands the stage & fills the room effortlessly. The moment she begins, people stop talking, step back, & listen


"Music is my world. I want to be able to connect with everyone through my songs; they portray
the good, the bad, the love and the lost." Mia LeBlon explains of her passion.

The singer-songwriter-pianist began her musical journey at the young age of four, when, as a
classically trained pianist, she was already performing works of the greats, including Chopin,
Mozart and Gershwin.

By age ten, the Chicago native of Chinese-Brazilian descent, began to express herself through
storytelling. "It's hard to imagine what a ten year-old could possibly write about, but I actually
had a lot on my mind. I poured all of my thoughts onto paper while sitting at the piano." She

It wasn't until LeBlon started attending open mic nights that she started sharing her powerful
voice with an audience, and it didn't take long before people started showing up just to see her

Projecting vocal sophistication with pipes powerful beyond her years, it's no surprise some of
LeBlon's early influences include many of the world's great legends: Aretha Franklin, Donny
Hathaway, Sam Cooke, Etta James. But it doesn't stop there. LeBlon also lists Fleetwood Mac,
The Beach Boys, Teenage Fanclub, Sloan and Camera Obscura amongst many others as
inspiration, reflecting the vast range in her style. "Listening to all different types of music helps
me experience different feelings and emotions at different times. These figures in the music
world are my inspiration." She explains.

It is LeBlon's undeniable talent, which has undoubtedly helped her be recognized as one of
Chicago's most talented singer-songwriters and garner quite the audience – her adoring fan
base includes Q101’s Chris Payne and JBTV’s Ryan Manno. LeBlon has already secured shows
with bands such as The Bravery and Hedley, packed audiences at venues such as Lincoln Hall, Schubas and
The Beat Kitchen and appeared at famed festivals, including SXSW and Summerfest.

Aptly titled Looking Glass, LeBlon's debut EP, reflects on the insecurities we all have within
ourselves, but gives us hope of getting past them and finding the true beauty we all have within
ourselves. Produced by Dan Monahan and Augie Schmidt of Audio Is King (Plain White T’s,
Flatfoot 56), the album is now available on iTunes.

For more information on Mia LeBlon please go to:

Website: www.mialeblon.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mialeblon
Blog: http://mialeblonblog.tumblr.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/mialeblon


Why Do You Love Me

Written By: Mia LeBlon

From the day I met you
You were the one
The one who'd break me
Break me open inside
You had the strength to
To carry on..carry all my troubles
Troubled mind and heart

Never I thought
That someone would feel
This strong about me
Who makes me feel free

Why do you love me
What do you love about
Who made you love me love me baby
Don't you ever doubt
What's the catch I'm missin
Am I delirious
Why do you love me love me darlin
Was this your destined route
Why do you love me

When we cry together
Our souls combine
Combine into something
That no one else can find
I don't ever want to
To think about
About us strugglin
To find ourselves

Never I thought
That someone would care
This much about me
I can be the real me


All the years of desperation
For the love that we have given
To each other for the long haul
I can't believe our love has taken
To a turn into a world of
Safety, comfort, no more stressin
I just think of you and me and realize
That I'm okay


Looking Glass

Written By: Mia LeBlon

What does it mean to feel
How do you express your thoughts...ideals
What does it mean to hurt
Do you ever think to cry...or die

What are your inner most fears
Are you unsure and unclear...my dear

Stop your hiding behind the wall
Even though you're gonna fall
Feet planted, stable minded
Crack the window, let me in
Even though it's not a sin
Feet grounded, heart poundin

What are the secrets you hold
I'm sort of curious ya know...and bold
What are the habits you hate
Does your heart believe in fate..open up

What do you see in the mirror
Are you happy or do you fear...the ugly


Look inside
Yourself and see
The beauty and
The hope in me
The looking glass
A portrait of
A newborn soul
I've always known
Don't Hide

(end w/ BRIDGE verse)

What's New With You

Written By: Mia LeBlon

Looking out into the world
Watching each sunset, oh
Every leaf falls from
Each and every tree, whoa
Face to face we come
Everyday seeing each other


What’s new with you
Don’t tell me you have nothing to say
What am I gonna do
Without you here by side
Forever we will be
Not losing one another
No oh, no oh, no oh
We have highs and lows
But nothing can stop us
No oh, no oh, no oh

Snowflakes fall, rain drops
Hitting the ground, oh
Wind blowing colors
Band throughout the sky, oh
Mouth to mouth we come
Everyday talking about our lives



People come together
People break apart, baby
Our love is strong enough
To keep this thing together, darlin


This Is My Way

Written By: Mia LeBlon

A girl of twenty two, yes I am
I’ve lived a life, it’s true
I wish I were seventy five this day
Wait, listen to what I have to say
Misery is what’s good to me
The pain flowing through my veins
I cry and I cry again
But this time it’s gonna end

A wasteful life isn’t worth my pain
I’ve started to look within for strength
Stop listening to what people have to say
It’s me, my life, it’s going my way
The deceit I’ve done to myself
Is erased now from here on out
A new, new woman is birthed
Today, this day, right here, right now

This is my way to get through
Through the day before I
Run away from all these
Trials and pay for weakness
This is my song
You better follow along
And correct all of your wrongs
In this life time
So long

Mother who shows no love, truth hurts
Slaving her daughter all along
These chains have prisoned my soul within
She doesn’t even know what true passion is
She’s happy to see me suffer through
Agony, distrust, won’t let me choose
The path to the right, which works
For me, not her, not even you


And I’m needing
Oh I’ve believing
In myself
I’m trying
I’m not crying
Not this time



Written By: Mia LeBlon & Stubhy Pandav

I met this girl, we'll call 'the so-called friend'
With long black hair, black frames,black dress
And her smile, was never real

She claimed to be Miss Independent
Had a baby, married, left friends
Turning green, with envy

I could resort to your level
How'd you like that, I bet you'd like that
I could resort to your failures
How'd you like that, I bet you'd want that

But I'm a Woman
I may be soft, not insecure
When this drama's over, the stage you live on is all yours
I'm Woman
Yeah I'm strong and self-assured
Honey, keep your distance, you don't wanna start a war
Start a war

Met this boy, the ex-boyfriend
Toyed with my mind, my faith, my friends
Fooled me, as somebody worthy

Initially spoke of our natural draw
Then changed it up, put up a wall
Without saying, he was quitting


Whatever problem you had with me
Why not converse privately
But you took your hate words publicly
To do just one thing, to despise me
So now the whole world will know your ways
Childish behavior, now you'll pay
Now you'll pay, now you'll pay, now you'll pay


One Mind One Heart

Written By: Mia LeBlon

People say I'm crazy
For loving, loving you
But they don't know what we've been through
All the times we shared together

Chorus 1:
I know I've made mistakes
You know, you know the same
I know, we know we can get through this
One mind one heart, the same

You think that I'm not sure
But I know that you're, you're the one for me
I asked the Lord to bring you back home again
I hope, I wish he answers my prayers
My one hope, my one wish

Chorus 2:
I know that you're the one
You know, you know the same
I know, we know we're meant to be together
One mind one heart, the same

Just because the sun's rays aren't shining through
Doesn't mean that the heat's not there
It may be cloudy, you may not feel the light
But that doesn't mean the love's not there
How can you give up because of a gloomy day
You better think twice, I may be gone far away
Then you're too late, I'm never coming back to stay
Never, no...'cause

Chorus 2:
I know you're not for me
You know, you know the same
I know, we know that you'll regret this
MY mind, MY heart, YOUR pain

..My mind...my heart...your pain...


-Looking Glass EP released APRIL 2011
-Number 1 Add to WMVL 88.1 Radio Station in NY
-#19 Radio Charts for WMVL 88.1 Radio Station in NY
-Spinning nationally (America) on Radio (report as per request)
-Licensed to MTV & Showtime
-Single ,"What's New With You"
-Featured on The Insecurities' album "Show Your Teeth"

Set List

Set list includes all original songs with maybe 1 cover. Sets range from 30-60 min long.