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"Mia Riddle- Tender EP"

Brooklyn resident Mia Riddle has, in Tender, put together a rather lovely ep and at only 13 minutes, all you want is more...wherever we sit on Maslow's hierarchy of needs, all any of really want is security... and why not. Riddle's ragged and sorrowful songs, paeans to loss and loneliness, are the perfect medication. Forget your favourite sweater, wrap yourself up in this ep instead. - www.music-news.com

"Mia Riddle, Live"

Mia Riddle, a California native, builds an unpretentious guitar/voice/thumb piano set, only to stab you in the heart somewhere close to the middle of it, to twist it in your chest on your way home, and to tear it out the day after. - www.myopenbar.com

"Mia Riddle- Tigers LP"

There are albums one can relax mindlessly to, and there are albums one can relax to while thoroughly savoring each song. While the latter is a rare find, Mia Riddle And Her Band's Tigers certainly fits the bill. Cushioned and pushed along by stripped-down, folk-tinged accompaniment, Riddle demonstrates her delicate strength as a vocalist and finesse as a songwriter. The group's first full-length release, eight songs in all, is both charming and remarkably intellectual. That said, not a single track should be passed up...Good things often do come in small packages, and if it is a brief trip to bliss you're looking for, Tigers is likely as good as it gets. - The Owl Mag

"Mia Riddle - Live"

"A standout act with a bright future, Mia Riddle and Her Band are stars in the making." - LVHRD MGZN

"Mia Riddle- Tigers LP"

...a real-life stunningly fantastic talent. I don't say this lightly either. The key to the Mia's phenomenal impact is her quirky and loveable sound.... - the-mag.co.uk

"Featured Interviews"

Full length interviews with Mia can be found at punknews.co.uk and the-mag.co.uk, the spring issue of Sentimentalist Magazine, and the spring issue of LVHRD MGZN.

For more press reviews (they only allow 10 on sonicbids) visit www.miariddle.com. Thanks! - punknews.co.uk, the-mag.co.uk

"Mia Riddle- Tigers LP"

Mia's whispered soft croon has the power of a whirlwind hurricane...Indie torch songs for those lucky at cards, unlucky in love. --SMJ - Sentimentalist Magazine

"Mia Riddle- Ship of Dreams EP"

...The musical equivalent to a coat, which despite being old, odd looking and quite possibly a little odorous, gives you a feeling of warmth and comfort that can't be overcome. - www.punknews.co.uk

"Mia Riddle- Ship of Dreams EP"

Mia Riddle, to put it simply, has a voice to die for... - Last Hours Magazine -UK

"Mia Riddle- Tigers LP"

"A kind of fractured delicacy...spun around a core of steel. Distinctively memorable..." - CrookedRain.co.uk


"Hatchet Lake," anticipated Winter 2007

"Tigers," self-released July 2006- heard on internet radio stations worldwide.

"Tender" EP, 2006-heard on various UK college radio stations and internet radio stations worldwide.

"The Ship of Dreams" EP, Clean It Up! Records, UK 2005- heard on various UK college radio stations and internet radio stations worldwide.


Feeling a bit camera shy


“A standout act with a bright future, Mia Riddle and Her Band are stars in the making.” – LVHRD Magazine

"Both charming and remarkably intellectual...not a single track should be passed up...as good as it gets.”
– The Owl Mag

"...a voice to die for." - Last Hours Magazine

“An understated gem full of dark beauty.”
– Americana-uk.com

It was a strange one, that first tour. A friend’s leaky hatchback carried Mia on a crisscrossing journey making stops in some of the more little-traveled destinations that the UK has to offer. "I remember the very first shows of the first tour, I was playing with hardcore and metal bands, and I was like ‘there's no way I'm getting up there, I'm going to be knifed,’” she told punknews.co.uk. Luckily, no violence befell her, and instead she found herself playing to living rooms and pubs packed with admirers.

Three UK tours, three albums, and one full band later, Mia Riddle and Her Band are continuing to gain momentum. Their 2006 full-length album Tigers has garnered universally glowing reviews: "If it is a brief trip to bliss you're looking for, Tigers is likely as good as it gets." said The Owl Mag. The band shares the spotlight in a refreshingly generous way; Dan’s admirable guitar hooks and David’s intuition as a drummer never overshadow and always enhance the material. The songs haunt and surprise, and intelligent arrangements help engender a timeless, original sound.

Word of mouth grabbed the attention of acclaimed Brooklyn producer Rod Sherwood (Au Revoir Simone, Pela, Jen Chapin), who’s now recording the band’s sophomore effort. Hatchet Lake will be an album evoking the porches and stoops of the band’s good mother, Brooklyn. Expect stomp-on-the-floor grooves and a new, lusher sound which remains fiercely organic. With the welcome addition of multi-instrumentalist Laurel, the band is pulling off more complex arrangements, more bittersweet harmonies, and evolving beyond the simplicity and delicacy of Tigers.

Mia Riddle and Her Band will be road-testing the new material on their summer tour of France and the UK. Look for the four-song EP advance version of Hatchet Lake at shows.