Mia Riddle

Mia Riddle

 New York City, New York, USA

Born in the West, settled in the East, Brooklyn singer/guitarist Mia Riddle and her band play "lush, rambling, foot-tapping songs." (- New York Post)

Band Press

New album accolades and live review – musicsnobbery.com

"The six-song Ticonderoga EP solidifies her as the country-rock-folk-queen of Brooklyn."

Mia Riddle at Daytrotter Studios – Daytrotter.com

"Riddle's songs...are stark but intricate structures of introspective wonder..."

Praise for new album "Ticonderoga" – New York Post

"Lush, rambling, foot-tapping songs."

Radio Pick of the Day – The Guardian, London

Radio Pick of the Day for live session with Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2.

Tumble and Drag – Noise Pop, San Francisco

"Beautifully sung and gorgeously composed, Riddle's latest album, Tumble and Drag, is a stuning blend of Cat Power dissonance and Neko Case vulnerability."

Tumble and Drag – Wears the Trousers Magazine, London

"Her simple, unpretentious style never overstays its welcome and her band plays with subtlety, the songs infused with road-worn soul."

Tumble and Drag – CrookedRain.co.uk, Scotland

"...serious artistic intelligence at work...quite likely to get under your skin..."

Live Review, Glasgow – Maverick Magazine, UK

"...sends shivers down your spine, as much for her stage presence as for the quality of the material."

Tumble and Drag – Miswig.co.uk

"Stunning...a thing of rare melancholy beauty, alt-country in its most sparkling and inspiring form with humble songs to die for..."

Mia Riddle and Her Band – AmieStreet.com

"...a talented group with songs that will charm even the toughest of critics."

Tigers – The Owl Mag, San Francisco

"...both charming and remarkably intellectual...not a single track should be passed up...as good as it gets."

Tumble and Drag – 75 Or Less Records

She has a natural and inviting presence behind the microphone, as if Tumble and Drag was made just for you.

Mia Riddle Live – The Village Voice, New York

Mia Riddle swings a little closer to the indie rock side of things, but her mighty croon—a mix of Nicks and Neko—has a punky fury all its own. ...