The gentle rumble that you hear is this rock-trio unleashing blues-driven progressive rock that conjures the spirit of the 70's in all it's energy-infused glory and swagger with a powerhouse live show.


"The first time you listen to Miasmata, your thoughts go straight to, “wow, don’t they sound a little like….?”. The truth is I did just that, but then changed my mind to another artist. At first, I thought this one song sounded like The Beatles in their later years – then I thought I heard Ozzy Osborne. Truth is, there really is no beating around the bush on this one – they are just great! They have their own sound and mix of funk & rock, with melodic runs thrown in there, that truly makes it their own brand" - Grace Consoli, A&R Select

Formed in April 2008, MIASMATA is a hard-hitting, high-energy, undeniably riveting hard-rock trio based out of The Greater Hamilton Area. Described by Y108's Andre Schikolenko as "a band you could go & watch all hours of the night, and sit back & get into a wicked groove [with]," MIASMATA evokes passionate bass melodies, precise riff-heavy guitar sections, profound lyrical hooks, and intricate percussive patterns that cater to the audience's demands for 'damn good music!' Through the stylistic fusion of classic & progressive rock with elements of funk, blues, metal & jazz, MIASMATA project a revolutionary musical vision and illustrate an intelligent soul-searching sound.

After producing their self-titled debut EP Miasmata in May 2008 at Hamilton's Mastermind Studio, the band was immediately offered a performance spotlight at a massive sponsored event – The Rogers Spring Music Festival 2008, in association with BLR Entertainment. MIASMATA was instantly propelled into the music scene as a visionary talent-force to be reckoned with. To date, MIASMATA has performed at several premiere venues in Southern Ontario, with such agency- and label-signed acts as The Birthday Massacre and Dean Lickyer.

"And one last thing - Miasmata's visual style magnifies this commentary ten times over. Super clean, hip, in the moment, feeling it, expressing it and singing it. You can't get any better than these guys!" - Grace Consoli, A&R Select.

Musically driven, business oriented, intrinsically motivated, and audience loyal, MIASMATA has rapidly gained momentum and hype for their unique ability to create, sustain, and evolve the music scene - characteristics that are a GREAT addition to any roster!

Miasmata has performed at several premiere venues including:

- The Honda Indy 2009 on the Budweiser "Winner's Circle" stage (Toronto)
- The Westside Concert Theatre for Rogers Spring Music Festival 2008 (Hamilton)
- The Legendary Red Rooster Vintage Cafe including "The 2nd Annual Jagermeister Halloween Bash" (Burlington)
- The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern for Bookie's Nu Music Night (Toronto)
... and many more

Media Showcases:

- Showcased on Y108's "Get Hammered" Series featured on 107.9 CJXYFM (Hamilton)
- Showcased on The Edge's "Steam Whistle Indie Club" Series + live performance on 102.1 CFNYFM (Toronto)
- Featured in The View Magazine, Vol. 15, No. 20 May 14, 2009 + live interview w/ Ric Taylor on 93.3 CFMU (Hamilton)
- Featured on Brock Radio Friday Drive at 5 w/ Dr. Crump Van Impe on 103.7 CFBUFM (St. Catharines)
... and more

Community Involvement:

- Lions Club of Waterdown benefit concert & food drive titled "Waterpalooza" (Waterdown)
- "Friends for Africa" AIDS/HIV awareness and benefit concert (Dundas)
- Fundraiser for Open Concept Films w/ Dean Lickyer (St. Catharines)
- "Soaked!", a Make-A-Wish Foundation fundraiser, a Track Avenue Records showcase (Toronto)
... and more



Written By: Josh Belliveau

I often wonder what kind of man I would be
Sometimes consider what my children will think of me
In search of answers upon this lucid scene
Calm my mind to cauterize the torment that’s plaguing me...

As I wondered through the haze of the memory
I found a master of innocence & make-believe
A flawless creature that’s shaped by no regret
Come down you cutless creature, tell me all your cutless secrets...

(He said) Some men they want to fly
Others will chose to crawl
If you open up your mind
You rise above them all


(He said) Some men they want to fly
Others will chose to crawl
If you open up your mind
You rise above them all

"It's Like, Mechanic..."

Written By: Josh Belliveau

Baby, baby, hit the ignition
I'm in the mood for a lovely subscription
Long, compare, are you in it for a love affair?
Or are you here, tryin hard', to fill an addiction?

My, oh my, what a lovely taste
I can be your mess if you will be my waste
Bare, in mind, hold tight, make your body grind
Disappear, mistake, just in case

Close your eyes, just confide
Your trust devine, let subside

Mama, mama, had a dazed apparition
Of this twisted mess comin' to my submission
Find, belong, strip thread in a single song
Come clean, spit out, a calling confession



01. "Miasmata"
(2008) 7 Track Demo EP
Recorded at Mastermind Studio, Hamilton

02. Currently recording an EP at Jukasa Studios w/ legendary producer Nick Blagona, who holds such credentials as Deep Purple, Tea Party, & Alexisonfire

Set List

Originals Setlist:
(approx. 1hr)

01. Case Study
02. Firesale
03. "It's Like, Mechanic..."
04. Air Tight
05. Hard To Place
06. All The Time
07. Cutless
08. Be Sound
09. Relapse

Covers Setlist:
(approx. 2hrs., various band including...)

01. Alice In Chains
02. Led Zeppelin
03. Neil Young
04. Queens of the Stone Age
05. Jimi Hendrix
06. The Who
07. Foo Fighters
... & many more bands/songs
+ a lot more material