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"2010 - Miasmata performs at The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern"

"That was a great set at The Horseshoe. The gentle rumble that you hear is this rock-trio unleashing blues-driven rock that conjures the spirit of the 70's in all it's energy-infused glory and swagger. A powerhouse live show." - Lonely Vagabond

"Miasmata Press Review"

February 19, 2009

Waterdown, Ontario - The first time you listen to Miasmata, your thoughts go straight to, “wow, don’t they sound a little like….?” . The truth is I did just that, but then changed my mind to another artist. First I thought this one song sounded like The Beatles in their later years – then I thought I heard Ozzy Osborne. But there really is no beating around the bush on this one - they are just great. They have their own sound and mix of funk & rock, with melodic runs thrown in there, truly makes it their own “brand” .

When Josh Belliveau met Antonio Changanaqui, at a chance meeting at a recording studio, they began practicing and writing new material in hopes of establishing a successful band. At that time they found their drummer, Ryan Perry, a jazz musician based out of their home town of Waterdown, ON.

What happened next, was the stepping stone to their careers –

Unnamed at the time, they were asked to perform at a sponsored event – Rogers Spring Music Festival 2008 at The Westside Concert Theatre in Hamilton, ON. This was their first show, which happened to be a BLR Entertainment Showcase. They decided at that time that Miasmata was the name they will call their group based on the album Belliveau had just finished recording.

Miasmata released their new single, “It’s Like, Mechanic..”, no. 3 of Miasmata EP, previously aired as part of Y108’s “Get Hammered” Series featured on 107.9 CJXYFM, and has received hype from 102.1 The Edge & 103.7 Brock Radio.

The concept album, “Miasmata EP” was intended to be the pinnacle of the album. “In this song, the character addresses the hardships of life and is faced with the ordeal of breaking the cycles of everyday routines," states Belliveau. The actual recording process for the full length CD will begin in August, 2009 and has a tentative release around December, 2009/January, 2010.

The fusion of sounds along with texture and riffs are so strategically placed, you would think that they were mathematically injected into the precise spot to cause maximum effect. You just can’t beat their music! They are intelligent musicians who really know their business. As an example, listening to “It’s Like, Mechanic...”, you’ll hear that core one tone electric guitar riff throughout the song, the extreme vocals, and drums are so organized and choreographed - the only thing I can say is, Helter Skelter – watch out! Miasmata is climbing up your ladder. This is the first time in my 30 year entertainment career that I’ve heard a style of music that reminds me of The Beatles. It’s very exciting to me to listen to Miasmata’s songs. Another example is, “Case Study” – beginnings are almost like floating in space, creating mental images of a fantastic journey. Then it takes you clear out of that state into that distinctive style that is all Miasmata with outstanding vocals, outstanding writing, outstanding story telling – just simply outstanding! The truth is that Miasmata is not afraid to change their sound, their style in each and every song. This is their brand style.

And one last thing - Miasmata’s visual style magnifies this commentary ten times over. Super clean, hip, in the moment, feeling it, expressing it and singing it. You can’t get any better than these guys!

The future is yours to conquer. Step out and go places you’ve not gone before. Show this music industry what they’ve been missing.

Miasmata has performed at several premiere venues including:
- The Westside Concert Theatre for Rogers Spring Music Festival 2008 (Hamilton)
- The Legendary Red Rooster Vintage Café including “The 2nd Annual Jagermeister Halloweeen Bash” (Burlington)
- The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern for New Music Night (Toronto)
- The Annex Wreckroom featured globally on XM Satellite Radio via indiecan.com(Toronto)

“Please look at all our media material via Myspace, Sonicbids, Facebook, and material provided by A & R Select, West Hollywood, California to really get a good grasp as to what we are about. We have been widely recognized by major figures of the music industry in Ontario. Miasmata is a ball rockin’ trio out of Waterdown, Ontario playing hard rock infused with elements of funk, blues & metal. Formed in early 2008, Miasmata evokes passionate bass melodies from Changanaqui’s Peruvian heritage, precise guitar riffs from Belliveau’s University education, and intricate percussive patterns from Perry’s metal fervency. “

We need to bring these guys here to the U.S!!

For more information on Miasmata, please go to www.arselect.com or visit www.myspace.com/miasmataband, or Facebook – Keyword: Miasmata, Sonicbids EPK – Keyword: Miasmata - Grace Consoli, A&R Select

"Miasmata featured on Hamilton Seen"

Three weeks in a row is a lot for anyone. Considering I work in a bar and hear all kinds of music in all kinds of ways, I was super glad that the band that came to save the day these past few weeks didn’t suck.
As a matter of fact, I was really surprised.

Miasmata, a 3 piece from Hammertown pleasantly surprised me. I’m that person that listens for 30 seconds and knows whether or not I dig. Within the beginning riffs, I was hooked. The hard hitting sound, although vaguely familiar seems personalized like a sweater worn differently. Alt-prog rock to a tee, these guys rocked the stage as if the crowd was more than 2000. For a three piece, these guys sound fuller than a second guitar would give.
The first time I met lead singer Josh, he was all business. Thinking he was at the Corktown selling beer, he instead hit the stage with Antonio, (bass) and Ryan, (drums) and blew me away. See for yourself, but these dudes can entertain. Every band member made it clear from the beginning they weren’t hiding behind their instruments like so many do, but rather rocking the crap out like no one’s watching. The range of Josh’s voice is reminiscent of Hawksley Workman. Just when you think he can’t go any higher, he freakin’ does; and you’ll like it.

The timing on Anotonio’s part is perfectly matched between the drums and the geet, a feat many musicians don’t even think of attempting, and I don’t think he does either. It’s effortless. Fender jazz in hand, this guy meshes and seems to play double duty; connecting with the drums for timing and the guitar for feeling, he fits in well and adds not too little and not too much. The perfect mash up.

That’s not to say the drums are only there for timing. No no, Ryan is much more than a metronome. Actually, he’s as entertaining as the rest, getting so into the grooves that he might be forgetting there’s people out there. Even though drummer’s are stuck in the back, Ryan makes his presence known with intriguing beats that are never repeated. And thank God for that as I’m kind of sick hearing bass bass snare. bass bass snare.
As a whole, this band surprised me, which is rare. I highly suggest seeing these boys live as they’re ticket prices will only rise with them.


http://www.facebook.com/pages/Miasmata/50550748798?ref=nf - Amberley B.

"Miasmata featured in the View Magazine - Vol. 15, No. 20 May 14, 2009 "


While the members of Miasmata didn’t meet during their days at Waterdown High School, when singer guitarist Josh Belliveau was recording what ostensibly was his solo debut, he found a rhythm section that had more in common than just their alma mater.

When Belliveau met up with Ryan Perry (percussion) and Antonio Changanaqui (bass), they realized they had all gone to the same school, but more importantly that they all had a mutual love of progressive rock, funk, blues, metal and jazz. The music Belliveau had recorded became the basis for the band to begin. So much so, one song in particular, the cryptically titled “Miasmata”, became what the new trio would call themselves.

“It tells a story of a man and his personal struggles, and breaking the cycles of everyday routines,” offers Belliveau on the story behind the lyrical content of the Miasmata CDEP.

“We shared the same drive and determination, and most importantly, the same passion for the music itself,” recalls Perry on the story behind Miasmata, the band. “Right off the bat, there was chemistry between our playing styles – a bit of Tool mixed with Soundgarden and earlier classic rock bands like Led Zeppelin. To us, progressive rock means that we can put a bunch of ideas together musically, and not conform to one type of musical genre. Miasmata – it’s a toxic environment that influences everything around it. The name is derived from our live performances.”

With perhaps a tip of the hat to prog rock of years gone by, Miasmata are very much a modern take on the genre and while pop might be seem a more likely career choice, this trio underscore that they will be working as hard as the rock music is. This fall, Miasmata plan to work with Toronto’s Track Avenue Records to secure a national campus tour – that coincides with a new full length to be recorded at Grant Avenue. A gig this weekend might go against the arena rock stages they might be soon seeing to offer a more intimate audience connection.

“We love performing for all types of audiences but people should definitely be prepared to rock out,” states Belliveau. “As a three–piece band we make things a lot more free flowing and intense.

“The Blue Moon Lounge has a very intimate feel and allows us to connect with the audience on a very personal level and you can definitely expect a high–energy night,” adds Belliveau. “You can also expect to hear about us a lot more in the near future as we are really striving to make music our careers. We hope that our fans will enjoy our music as much as we do.”

“We definitely see a market for this kind of music,” says Perry. “We also love making music and the entire process of song creation. There is nothing as fun as performing in front of your fans and connecting with them on an emotional level. But in the end, this is the music business and we definitely see it from all perspectives. We’re strong believers that hard work will always pay off in the end and if you really want your music to make it to the market, regardless of the year, then anything is possible.”

Miasmata play this Saturday May16 at the Blue Moon in Burlington with Harm opening and $5 gets you in. www.myspace.com/ miasmataband V [RIC TAYLOR] - Rick Taylor, View Magazine

"MIASMATA performs @ TORONTO HONDA INDY (Details Inside) "

**UPDATE - JULY 06***

All you MATA fans,

The performance schedule has been announced and Miasmata will be playing at these times/dates on the BUDWEISER BIG RIG STAGE in the BUDWEISER WINNER'S CIRCLE area, located at the corner of Lakeshore Blvd. & Ontario St.:

- Friday July 10 @ 12:45-1:45pm & 4:30-5pm
- Saturday July 11 @ 11am-12pm & 4:30-5pm
- Sunday July 12 @ 12 - 1pm

Hope to see all of you there & thanks to all of our fans for the constant support, it means the world to us!!

Be sound,

***Official Press Release***


This coming Friday and Saturday, July 10th and 11th, Indy race fans in Toronto can look forward
to hearing the raw and powerful sounds of not only the cars on the track, they may also look forward to
hearing one of Hamilton's hottest up and coming bands; Miasmata. www.myspace.com/miasmataband

This hard rock trio consisting of Josh Belliveau (guitar and vocals), Antonio Changanaqui (bass),
and Ryan Perry (drums), have been an active force in the independent music scene around Southern
Ontario ever since the band's conception in April of 2008. Now just a little over a year later and with
credentials ranging from having played the Steamwhistle Indie Club at the Edge 102.1's street level
studio to having been featured on Y108's "Get Hammered" Indie Series with Andre Shikolenko,
Miasmata are now looking forward to bringing their blend of high energy, heavy hitting, and
undeniably riveting hard rock to this year's Honda Indy in Toronto.

With a future that includes recording their debut full length album at Hamilton's legendary Grant Avenue Studios in September with renowned songwriter, producer, and master engineer Paul Riemens (known for his work with Tommy Ramone of the Ramones, Albert Bouchard of the Blue Oyster Cult, DanielLanois, and Gordon Lightfoot to name a few), both race fans and rock fans should considerthemselves lucky to have an opportunity to see such an up and coming band like Miasmata play at
such an exciting event as Toronto's Honda Indy.

For more information or to schedule an interview:

Josh Belliveau

And for more information on the Honda Indy, please visit:
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01. "Miasmata"
(2008) 7 Track Demo EP
Recorded at Mastermind Studio, Hamilton

02. Currently recording an EP at Jukasa Studios w/ legendary producer Nick Blagona, who holds such credentials as Deep Purple, Tea Party, & Alexisonfire



"The first time you listen to Miasmata, your thoughts go straight to, “wow, don’t they sound a little like….?”. The truth is I did just that, but then changed my mind to another artist. At first, I thought this one song sounded like The Beatles in their later years – then I thought I heard Ozzy Osborne. Truth is, there really is no beating around the bush on this one – they are just great! They have their own sound and mix of funk & rock, with melodic runs thrown in there, that truly makes it their own brand" - Grace Consoli, A&R Select

Formed in April 2008, MIASMATA is a hard-hitting, high-energy, undeniably riveting hard-rock trio based out of The Greater Hamilton Area. Described by Y108's Andre Schikolenko as "a band you could go & watch all hours of the night, and sit back & get into a wicked groove [with]," MIASMATA evokes passionate bass melodies, precise riff-heavy guitar sections, profound lyrical hooks, and intricate percussive patterns that cater to the audience's demands for 'damn good music!' Through the stylistic fusion of classic & progressive rock with elements of funk, blues, metal & jazz, MIASMATA project a revolutionary musical vision and illustrate an intelligent soul-searching sound.

After producing their self-titled debut EP Miasmata in May 2008 at Hamilton's Mastermind Studio, the band was immediately offered a performance spotlight at a massive sponsored event – The Rogers Spring Music Festival 2008, in association with BLR Entertainment. MIASMATA was instantly propelled into the music scene as a visionary talent-force to be reckoned with. To date, MIASMATA has performed at several premiere venues in Southern Ontario, with such agency- and label-signed acts as The Birthday Massacre and Dean Lickyer.

"And one last thing - Miasmata's visual style magnifies this commentary ten times over. Super clean, hip, in the moment, feeling it, expressing it and singing it. You can't get any better than these guys!" - Grace Consoli, A&R Select.

Musically driven, business oriented, intrinsically motivated, and audience loyal, MIASMATA has rapidly gained momentum and hype for their unique ability to create, sustain, and evolve the music scene - characteristics that are a GREAT addition to any roster!

Miasmata has performed at several premiere venues including:

- The Honda Indy 2009 on the Budweiser "Winner's Circle" stage (Toronto)
- The Westside Concert Theatre for Rogers Spring Music Festival 2008 (Hamilton)
- The Legendary Red Rooster Vintage Cafe including "The 2nd Annual Jagermeister Halloween Bash" (Burlington)
- The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern for Bookie's Nu Music Night (Toronto)
... and many more

Media Showcases:

- Showcased on Y108's "Get Hammered" Series featured on 107.9 CJXYFM (Hamilton)
- Showcased on The Edge's "Steam Whistle Indie Club" Series + live performance on 102.1 CFNYFM (Toronto)
- Featured in The View Magazine, Vol. 15, No. 20 May 14, 2009 + live interview w/ Ric Taylor on 93.3 CFMU (Hamilton)
- Featured on Brock Radio Friday Drive at 5 w/ Dr. Crump Van Impe on 103.7 CFBUFM (St. Catharines)
... and more

Community Involvement:

- Lions Club of Waterdown benefit concert & food drive titled "Waterpalooza" (Waterdown)
- "Friends for Africa" AIDS/HIV awareness and benefit concert (Dundas)
- Fundraiser for Open Concept Films w/ Dean Lickyer (St. Catharines)
- "Soaked!", a Make-A-Wish Foundation fundraiser, a Track Avenue Records showcase (Toronto)
... and more