Micah Clarke

Micah Clarke


A genuine and sensitive sound ...Songs that are honest and provoke a truth become evident in passionate lyrics and acoustic, folk, rock blended melodies.


Rooting from back country and the windy hills of Northern Pennsylvania, Clarke's blend of technical styling and compelling lyrics create a sound all his own. Writing and performing original songs that offer an open door to a man that's been broken and healed by his own experiences in life. His influences include bluegrass, folk, and acoustic rock melodies mixed with simple and meaningful lyrics from many walks of music. From original rock to modern acoustic to basic blues and country classics, his influences are widely arranged.
What sets Micah apart from others is his genuine passion for creating music. Micah's dream has little to do with typical success, but rather harbors a deeper meaning.... a deeper want to be able to touch and reach people through understanding. His genuine, truthful, and heart felt passion for music is evident in his honesty and willingness to be selfless in creating music not solely for himself but more importantly for those around him.


"The Best That I Can Do" EP 2006
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Set List

A typical set list depends on the venue...

I like to mix it up a little bit playing a blend of covers and original music.

The covers I play range from Tom Petty, Pearl Jam, Howie Day, James Taylor, David Grey, Ani Difranco, Lynard Skynard, Sublime, Staind, Fuel, Train, Dave Matthews, John Mayer....