Micah Dov

Micah Dov


guitar playing that is rhythmic and raw, lyrics that send a moving, insightful, and exciting message. A GREAT LIVE SHOW


Micah Dov has developed a unique sound fusing folk rock with funk, latin and hip-hop rhythms. His CD "Glide" is a solo venture on which he is the songwriter, instrumentalist, vocalist, and producer. The songs on the CD are reflective of his ability to use different musical styles that appeal to a wide audience spanning a variety of ages and musical tastes. The strength of his lyrics are thought provoking and inspiring, compelling the audience to sing along.
It is not often to find a new artist that is so eclectic and brings his life's work so honestly to his audience. He has found success playing live to audiences in NYC, Long Island, and New Jersey in venues such as; The Knitting Factory, The Lion's Den, Living Room, Baggot Inn, Brooklyn's The Rising Café and Landmark pub, and the Dancing Goat in NJ, to name a few. He continues to develop his sound and this CD will undoubtedly be the first in his ever evolving music career.


Micah Dov "Glide"
Dovlove's OrganiQ Jam "Planets Above"
Thieves of Tradition "Life Like"

Set List

Glide, My Reality, Common, You get What You Deserve, Santaria (Sublime), Consciusness Stew, Mi Amici, Planets Above, Hook (Blues Traveler), Banana Song, Like a Prayer (Madonna)
A mix of 75% original, 25% covers in a variety of styles. A set can be 40-60 minutes, up to 3 sets.
From Rock, Latin, reggae, Dub, Ska, Hip-Hop, Country, Folk, Calypso. As long as its got energy
3 piece band or solo