Micah Omega and the Mutations

Micah Omega and the Mutations


Fun, Punk Influenced Rock & Roll with a Danceable Beat. Energetic, spontaneous, and always fun!


Lead singer, guitarist, and one man songwriting machine, Micah Omega (Lewis), might be an "Enigma," but his lyrics and musical sensibility are clearly rooted in punk rock. Micah Omega and the Mutations evoke the spirit of early 80s punk nostalgia with a futuristic, New-New Wave sound all their own. To categorize and compartmentalize this band with hyphenated genres would be a mistake. Energetic, spontaneous, and always fun, they provide something to please a variety of rock-n-roll palates.

The Mutations are made up of Micah’s former Handful and Supersluts band mate, veteran guitarist and metal head mutant, Lisa Wickware, whose been described as, “…one of the town’s finest metal masters…” by Austin Chronicle music critic, Kate X Messer; drummer, Glenn Chambers of the Dragsters, Lucky Hell Drivers, Immortal Skin Headress, and The Skatans; and bass power playa, T-Daddy-J of Schlong Daddy.

In Wickware, Micah finds the perfect grinding guitar leads she solidly doles out, to complement his mesmerizing stage presence and authentic delivery. Collectively, this quartet, with their original, lively sound attracts an audience made up of the polarizing spectrums of old and young - inebriated and sober. And while you're likely to find a varied crowd at their shows, one thing the audience definitely has in common is a similar expression of enjoyment, because this band delivers!

Micah Omega and the Mutations joined forces in 2007, are currently playing gigs in watering holes in Texas, and will enter the studio soon to record their first album in their home town of Austin, TX.