"Urban rock for a country crowd"


Micah Stone is a rock band from a little town in western Massachusetts. Micah has played all over the country with different bands; however this is the first band in which he promises not to be a lazy cowherd and to put his music out there with full intent. Mike Lenfest and Christian Kemper are the muscle in the band bringing Micah’s music to fruition. The two as a rhythm section combine jazz, bluegrass, country and rock to fill Micah’s songs with interesting highs lows and moving beats. An emotional group sound as a whole with influences such as Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen and Pearl Jam these three have been gaining fans locally and globally for only a year now so watch out world!


"No Matter What" and "Little Devil" off of the CD Jane Doe has recieved radio airplay on a local station WBCR 97.7 out of Great Barrington and 88.9 out of Red Hook. For a list of radio stations that will have "Jane Doe" as of 02/01/07 go to micahstone.com

Set List

45 minute showcase set
2. Two one hour sets
Original and usually any given rock song that I heard on the radio or that has been stuck in my head. Never really comes out like the original version.