Micah Swanson

Micah Swanson

 Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA

Its simple- less is More! We want the message and the melody to be clear because the only thing the Lord wants is our hearts. Our sound is unique and we're seeking to bring the Lord a fresh offering, knowing that He will take it and multiply it to further gains then we could ever imagine! It Rocks


Thank you all for your support and prayers. It has made this possiblity, a reality! I have felt a calling to do this for two years - produce an acoustic album with the worship songs and revelations that have changed my life as I have begun serving the Lord through music. I have tried to be many things but the Lord has called me to be His and His alone. He is the one who has forgiven me, the one who has saved me, the one who died for me, the one who loves me and calls me His own - and that is the God I worship. The one who doesn't ask me to change who I am, but asks me to accept Him because of who He is.

He wants our hearts and that is what we want to give Him!


Bring Me Back

Written By: Micah Swanson

Verse 1
Lord I'm scared, I don't know what to do
Sometimes I find it hard to believe that You'll come through
I've run away, I've turned my back
I wonder if I'll ever be able to just relax

Bring me back to You, let me heart break for You
Wash away my sins as I look to Your cross
Give me a passion for Your people that I may see the lost
May my heart be renewed, as Your love pulls me through

Verse 2
Lord I can't stop the noise, that echoes through my mind
Will I ever be able to explain how I feel inside
The words are just too few that I want to shout to You
Will You hear me now as I cry out to You

Bring me back...

Take This Life

Written By: Micah Swanson

Verse 1
Trying so hard to find acceptance, in a world that can't accept itself
I've worked so hard to be perfect, so others can love me as I am
I've done so much for others, but I've been all about myself
And Lord I'm sick of serving, everything that is not of You
Turn me back to You

Take this life and make it Yours, let all my paths follow Yours
So all my see that I am Yours, let everything lead me to the truth

Verse 2
I know I'll never be accepted in a world that never accepted You
I've worked so hard to serve You, and when I live for myself its a lie
I always try to do it all, as if I'm the only way to You
I always ask what do I need to do, You say its already done

In our weakness, You are strong, You will sustain us through it all
There is no trial that is to hard, when Your the one who leads us on


I'm Free - single release 2007
Any Battle We Face - single release 2007

I Am His - Acoustic Album April 2008


Set List

Our original set list includes 16 available originals and it runs for an hour plus. Our set is entirely worship focused on reaching people where they are at and going with them, we're in it together. We're going to laugh - we're going to cry - we're going to have a good time - and we're going to reach out to the Lord.

The Covers that we would incorporate would be of a contemporary worship selection. Expect Hillsong United.