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"Micah's Way"

Local singer and songwriter Micah Vierling is keeping an eye out for places to play. Originally from Northern Maine, Vierling has settled into our little neck of the woods for a while. He has played at a handful of coffeehouses and pubs in the Philadelphia area, and he has also scheduled an upcoming show a little closer to home. With two folk-blues albums under his belt, Many Waters and Black Coffee Ballads, Vierling definitely has a concrete repertoire. His sound is mellow, with a twist of '70s rock thrown in. He also has a new album, The Factory, scheduled for release in the fall.
Some of Vierling's lyrics are quite whimsical, especially his newer work. The lyrics to "The Factory" are upbeat and funny: "Hemingway, Steinbeck, Dickens and me/worked the graveyard shift at the Factory".
In order to promote his new tunes, he's playing July 14th at 7:30 p.m. at Factoryville's Kissam Coffee House. According to his publicist, Leah Truitt, Micah will have a full band behind him. Go and enjoy Vierling's tunes, and give him some feedback.-Sarah Stachura - Electric City

"Songwriter to 'keep moving forward'"

For artists, it seems one of the most difficult steps is familiarizing the general public with their work. Micah Vierling knows the feeling.
Performer/songwriter Vierling currently resides in Dalton, but said he still feels new to the area after moving here from New Brunswick, Canada a few years ago. Fresh on the music scene in NEPA, he has performed locally and at a handful of Philadelphia venues to promote his CD. His third album, recently released, is a full-length CD entiled "The Factory". Vierling is set to make his third appearance at the Kissam Coffee House on Routes 6 and 11 in Factoryville on Saturday, August 25 at 7 p.m.
Vierling has recently added a five-piece band to his performances, and they will accompany him at the Kissam Coffee House. "We have been pleased both times we have had Micah and his band play here. He brings a nice crowd of people with him and his music is really entertaining. I always get asked, 'When am I bringing Micah back?' I would like to make him a regular at the coffee house," said Ken Kissam, coffee house owner.
According to his web site, (www.micahvierling.com) "his new sound implements folk and blues with a hint of jazz and 70's rock and roll."
Inspiration can come from anywhere, at any time. For Vierling, it came at the age of 12. "I was madly in love with a girl and wrote the song for her," Vierling said of his first song. Even earlier than his first love, he took piano lessons at the age of seven and later bought his first guitar at a garage sale. Now music is something he says he feels compelled to do. "Everyone does something with their experience; this is what I want to do with mine."
In his work he has tried to take a unique angle. When people tell him that his music has affected them, it continues to motivate him to keep going and to constantly take a creative approach.
"I really do believe in the work I am doing, and I believe in the quality of it. This album has a lot to do with mercy and how it plays out in relationships with others in life. You are bearing your soul...some people will like it when you play and some won't and you have to be prepared for that," said Vierling. "If I had it my way I would do this full time," added the forklift operator by day and musician by night.
Vierling already has plans and is writing songs for another CD. For information on Vierling visit www.micahvierling.com.
-Melissa Kelly - The Abington Journal

"Vierling's Poetic 'Factory'"

Alan K. Stout | Weekender Editor

For singer/songwriter Micah Vierling, the words “fresh perspective� might be the best way to describe his songwriting. The Dalton resident knows that most of life’s experiences — both good and bad — are fairly universal and have been felt by all and that many songs have been written about such experiences. What he tries to do, he says, is put a different spin on them or address them from a different angle. Challenging? Certainly. Creatively fulfilling? Absolutely.
“People focus on different parts of the songwriting process,� says Vierling, who combines folk, rock and blues into his sound. “Some people go for the music. I do lyrics. That’s my thing. Just finding creative ways to express these thoughts, which people have expressed in different ways for many, many years, and to just try to put a new twist on them or see a certain emotion through lyrics is a great release for me, emotionally. That’s what I do to release all of this stuff inside.�
Vierling, 30, is a native of Maine, spent time in Lancaster County and now lives in Dalton. His new CD, “The Factory,� is his third album and is an 11-song collection. It was self-produced and recorded at his home studio. He laughs when telling the tale of his first songwriting experience at age 12.
“I had a crush on one of my Sunday school teachers,� he says. “That’s what got me started. The first song that I did, I wrote about her, and then I took it and buried it in my backyard in a plastic bag because I was so embarrassed. That was a long time ago.�
These days, Vierling says his inspiration comes not from school teachers but from other sources. Songs on the new CD include “Humility Blues For Alice,� “From Across The River,� “Silver Coin,� “Mystery� and the title track. Technically, he says, it’s almost like a concept album, but more like Springsteen’s “The Ghost of Tom Joad� than The Who’s “Tommy� or Pink Floyd’s “The Wall.� It tells real human stories.
“The album is titled ‘The Factory,’ and the songs are sort of loosely based around that theme,� he says. “The factory is kind of a metaphor for a lot of different things but maybe more than anything, a frame of mind and a way of thinking. There are songs about mercy, capitalism … but it’s all kind of based around the theme of this metaphorical place — the factory. That’s how I put the songs together.�
Vierling names Bob Dylan and Paul Simon as influences, as well as church hymns.
“I remember going to different churches growing up and hearing people sing these hymns and ancient songs with these profound words and interesting phrasings, and now that I have a family and I’m older, I really draw from those songs,� he says. “And not only hymns. I find myself going back to a lot of old, old music. I was listening to some Irish folk music the other day and was really getting a lot out if it. Just to hear the straining of the human voices and people playing their primitive instruments — it really moves me. I gain a lot musically, as well as from the words.�
Also performing on the CD are Janet Adams on violin, Robert Grunza on drums, James Alexander on bass, Leah Truitt on keyboards, Katherine Branscombe on viola and Andrea Vierling on backing vocals. Vierling will appear on George Graham’s “Homegrown Music� show on WVIA in January and will play the River Street Jazz Cafe on Feb. 13. The CD is also available at Gallery of Sound stores, and the title track appears on the new “Mountaingrown Vol. 4� CD.
“It’s hard to be unique and completely original because we’re all human beings and we’ve all had these same emotions for many years, but I hope that people are drawn to the songs,� says Vierling. “Maybe they can find a bit of a different sort of take. What I’ve seen happening lately with music in our culture is there’s a lot of rehashing and trying to sound like the next guy. In mainstream music, there’s a lot of remakes of older songs. It’s so refreshing for me to hear somebody doing something else, and I guess that’s what I hope people are drawn to when they hear these songs — that it’s not so different that they can’t relate to it, but it’s a little bit unique, with a different twist on he melody, the words, or a way of looking at something.�
~"Music on the Menu", The Weekender-December, 26, 2007 - The Weekender


The Factory LP-Micah's 3rd full length album released in August 2007. The title track has been receiving radio airplay on 102.3 FM The Mountain.

Black Coffee Ballads LP-2003.

Many Waters LP-1999



Micah Vierling is an emerging singer & songwriter originally hailing from Northern Maine where he spent his childhood years with his parents who were homesteading in the North Maine woods. Micah picked up his first guitar around the age of 12 and taught himself to play and soon began writing songs. Micah's songs combine a unique blend of sounds and instruments that create a musical style that is clever and distinctive; his lyrics piercing your soul with utmost honesty and depth beyond his years. Drawing from the roots of American music, Micah's songs fuse together folk, blues and rock to create a unique musical backdrop for his original lyrics. Led by his strong vocals, his songs come to life with creative guitar melodies and soulful piano ballads. His lyrics are witty and insightful and flirt with themes of cruelty and greed, mercy and kindness, hurt and healing, from unique angles. Micah has released three independent albums to date, Many Waters and Black Coffee Ballads, which were both produced in New Brunswick, Canada and his most recent release entitled The Factory which was recorded and self- produced in Dalton PA. This past summer 2007, Micah has begun playing with a talented group of musicians at local and surrounding venues to promote his music.