Micah Wakefield

Micah Wakefield


Original songwriting with guitar or piano, distinctive in sound and gospel/Christian in style.


Micah Wakefield was a professional singer as a child, but began songwriting at 20. Mainly influenced by a desire to write "different" songs than all the same sounding ones he was hearing in the Christian contemporary genre, Wakefield began experimenting with different types of songs and styles for songwriting.


Your Word

Written By: Micah Wakefield

1st verse:
Never ending is your undying love, never failing that's you
Never holding my sin against me, never fading that's you
Never fading that's you

Cause your Word shows me who you really are
Cause your Word tells me I am yours
Cause your Word leads me to your Holy Throne
Cause your Word is truth, cause your Word is truth

2nd verse:
When I am down, your always by my side, always faithful that's you
When I am lost, your Word comforts me
Awesome power that's you, awesome power that's you

I need your word to show me the way, spoken to me each and every day
For no one else has the Word of life like you, forever powerful and always true

© 2005 Micah Wakefield

I Am

Written By: Micah Wakefield

1st verse:
I am amazed, continually, at your mercy to me Lord
I am unworthy of your love for me, how you give of yourself so unselfishly
I am in awe, continually, of all that you have done
I am in need, to be made strong, that's why to you I cry out

I am nothing, you are everything
When I am empty, fill me with your love
I am held captive, you hold the key
Make my heart yours Lord, be you in me

2nd verse:
I am hungry and thirsty, needing your strength in my soul
I am empty and blind, and only you can make me whole
I am proud, naturally, always in need of your humility
I am lost without you, you open my eyes and I see

Surf Song

Written By: Micah Wakefield

Verse 1:
Going down to the beach, I'm gonna catch myself a wave
Got my surfboard, the sun is bright, the sky is blue
Chillin' out on my board, I'm waiting for the perfect wave
The ocean all around me screams

You are the Holy One, the Prince of Peace
You are the awesome God, the Great
And You are holding me through these crashing waves

Verse 2:
Here comes the first wave, it looks way too big for me
Just like the waves of life, I don’t want to face it
But ridin’ it out will always end up workin’ for the best
Cause Lord you always have a plan

Verse 3:
Sometimes in life we’re up against some really big waves
We’re tossed about and needin’ help in riding ‘em out
Jesus my Savior is here to help you over the tough waves
Trust Him and He will guide you through

Oh God you are so wonderful, in You I can stand
Though the waves may crash on me, I know I’m in your hand