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The best kept secret in music


"Working on His Own Happy Ending"

"My dream is to become famous … I don't think that will happen," says South Dakota State University student Micah Wetzel.

Many students would disagree with Wetzel, especially after his recent performance at the Cavorts talent show, which won him third place and roaring applause from the audience.

Despite his obvious humility, Wetzel plans to continue performing and writing music. Wetzel has a very original sound that grabs the attention of anyone who listens. He delivers his emotional lyrics with a smooth voice and mellow acoustic that makes for a style that is engaging, yet soothing.

Wetzel's favorite musicians and main influences are Dave Mathews Band and Howie Day.

"They make me want to perform," he says.

He even watches their music videos before going on stage.

"It gets me pumped up," he says.

Wetzel got his start in music by playing the trumpet in the high-school and middle-school bands at Rochester, Minn. Surprisingly, he didn't start playing the guitar and singing until his senior year. With the help of a few friends, Wetzel learned to play the guitar by listening to the radio for songs he liked, and then looking up the tabs on the Internet. The first thing he ever learned was a song by Metallica.

"I thought it was the coolest thing that I could play some song I enjoyed and heard on the radio," Wetzel says.

Now Wetzel creates his own songs, but he says the process he takes to write music is different from that of most musicians.

"I don't think I've spent literally more than 45 minutes on a song," says Wetzel.

As soon as a melody comes to him, Wetzel memorizes it on the spot and proceeds to write the lyrics until the song is finished.

His favorite tune that he has written so far is "A Story Told."

"It's about happy endings," says Wetzel.

More specifically, the song is about life and how everyone has an idea of what theirs should be like. Then they realize that life might not happen the way they planned. This is something that everyone, including Wetzel, can relate to.

"I had mine all set of what I wanted to be, and it didn't turn out," Wetzel says.

Wetzel originally came to SDSU as a wildlife and fisheries major, but soon switched to business economics. His plan right now is to manage a music store and play gigs on the side.

Wetzel doesn't believe that he will become famous, but it is still something he is willing to strive for.

"I play songs in my room and close my eyes and pretend that everyone is singing along to my songs. But regardless of what happens, I still just want to be able to enjoy it," says Wetzel.

He recently finished his EP (extended play album), and is now working on booking himself for more shows.

He will perform Dec. 1 at the Main Street Pub at 9 p.m. and Dec. 29 at 7 p.m. at the City Cafe in Rochester, Minn. For more information and show listings, go to Wetzel's Web site at www.micahwetzel.com.
- SDSU collegian

"Moonlighting: Students by day Entertainers by Night"

Wetzel began his career at SDSU as a wildlife and fisheries major, but started playing guitar shortly thereafter, which prompted him to switch to a business economics degree.

"I really want to pursue it as a career," he says, explaining plans of managing a music store and playing gigs nights and weekends.

He has a head start on the gig-playing end of it: this week he played shows at Skinners, Mad Jack's and Main Street Pub.

"This month I had eight (shows) but that was kind of lucky," Wetzel says. "Usually during the school year I have about three or four gigs a month, and in the summer more around 10."

The Rochester, Minn., native says he plays his one-man-and-guitar gigs in Brookings, Sioux Falls and Rochester locations, picking up between $50 and $100 a pop.

In addition, Wetzel has entered his act in SDSU events such as open mic night and Cavorts.

He'll be playing this Friday's open mic night, though he hasn't decided which song will be the key to his success yet.

"I'm either going to do one of my own or a Dave Matthews Band #41 cover," he says.

When the decision is made and the final chord strummed, Wetzel hopes to hear applause from the audience.

"My favorite part is the applause. That and being able to express my feelings and emotions with my music," he says.

He also has a passion for his music that makes playing it its own reward.

"I practice an hour to three hours every day," he says. "It's been a really long time since I've gone a day without playing."

Wetzel's guitar love even affects his downtime.

"I still go out and stuff, but I usually don't like to go over night places or travel because I don't like to miss playing," he says.

- SDSU Collegian


Tomorrows Yesterdays EP
1)Tomorrows yesterdays (Streaming on Purevolume)
2)This On Me
4)Road Lonely
5)Every Little Thing

Familiarity and Uncommon Ground
1)Song No. 2 (streaming on Micah Wetzel.com) (Myspace)
2)Song No. 1
3)Road Lonely
4)Perfect Ending
5)Every Little Thing
7)Tomorrows Yesterdays
8)Song No. 1 (Acoustic)
9)This On Me (Remix)

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Feeling a bit camera shy


Micah Wetzel is a singer/songwriter from Rochester, MN. His music can best be described as a genre between folk, pop, and rock with influences deriving from Damien Rice and the Dave Matthews Band. He is currently finishing up his final semester of school at SDSU studying music and business. Micah Wetzel didn’t pick up the guitar until the end of his senior year of high school, and has been playing ever since. Teaching himself everything that he knows about the guitar, Micah has emerged as a popular singer and songwriter in both Minnesota and South Dakota. He captivates audiences with a unique sound and heartwarming lyrics. While portraying himself as a singer songwriter, Micah also creates melodic melodies with just his guitar. Like most other solo artists, his show consists of a looping pedal and various guitar and vocal effects. What sets him apart from other solo artists is his constant studying of the fret board and the art of guitar solos. While most singer songwriters sing vocally and play rhythm, Micah sings, plays rhythm, and sings on his guitar as well. This results in “in song guitar solos” and very melodic looping outros that follow the lines of his catchy melodies. In just 5 years, Micah has played over 200 shows acoustically, played to crowds over 1000, and recorded two CDs; the “Tomorrows Yesterdays EP” and his most recent release, “Familiarity and Uncommon Ground”. Micah attended the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) this past October in St. Charles and Little Rock and is looking to progress his career in the college market. He is no stranger to bars, restaurants, coffee houses, private events, and weddings. At a typical Micah Wetzel show one can expect laughter, entertaining stories, unique originals, and a wide variety of covers.