Micah Wetzel

Micah Wetzel


Micahs music is a blend of acoustic pop, folk, and rock. Micahs acoustic guitar accompanies his already unique voice with heartwarming lyrics while his guitar sings with melodic scales and chording. Visit his website at www.micahwetzel.com


Micah Wetzel is a singer/songwriter from Rochester, MN. His music can best be described as a genre between folk, pop, and rock with influences deriving from Damien Rice and the Dave Matthews Band. He is currently finishing up his final semester of school at SDSU studying music and business. Micah Wetzel didn’t pick up the guitar until the end of his senior year of high school, and has been playing ever since. Teaching himself everything that he knows about the guitar, Micah has emerged as a popular singer and songwriter in both Minnesota and South Dakota. He captivates audiences with a unique sound and heartwarming lyrics. While portraying himself as a singer songwriter, Micah also creates melodic melodies with just his guitar. Like most other solo artists, his show consists of a looping pedal and various guitar and vocal effects. What sets him apart from other solo artists is his constant studying of the fret board and the art of guitar solos. While most singer songwriters sing vocally and play rhythm, Micah sings, plays rhythm, and sings on his guitar as well. This results in “in song guitar solos” and very melodic looping outros that follow the lines of his catchy melodies. In just 5 years, Micah has played over 200 shows acoustically, played to crowds over 1000, and recorded two CDs; the “Tomorrows Yesterdays EP” and his most recent release, “Familiarity and Uncommon Ground”. Micah attended the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) this past October in St. Charles and Little Rock and is looking to progress his career in the college market. He is no stranger to bars, restaurants, coffee houses, private events, and weddings. At a typical Micah Wetzel show one can expect laughter, entertaining stories, unique originals, and a wide variety of covers.


Song No. 2

Written By: Micah Wetzel

Did you ever think that you could be the heartache? Or the pain that's been on someone else's mind? Did you ever think you could have caused the crying? Or the anger and frustration that's inside?

If you knew what I was trying to get across to you, in your eyes everything so differently than mine, if you knew of all good and my intentions, would you feel the way I'm living it all inside?

I'm keeping it to myself, its better untold, don't mean to bring you with me, in what I'm struggling for, don't mean to disappoint you or turn you away, all those that's leave me bitter, carved in stone and left to wilt away....

I'm living what I wrote about so long ago, that familiarity and uncommon ground, I'm thinking I should leave it all behind me, is it better what I had or what I've found?
Just as badly as I want to make you happy, turns around and than the selfishness on me, I'm sorry for the lack of satisfaction, I cause myself the pain the hurt the misery...

What you give to me....

What you bring to me....

Cause I'm keeping in mind those words that you spoke to me, hard of hearing with the information said, why my heart always set so hard on playing even, pulls me away from where I'm at and who I'm with...


Tomorrows Yesterdays EP
1)Tomorrows yesterdays (Streaming on Purevolume)
2)This On Me
4)Road Lonely
5)Every Little Thing

Familiarity and Uncommon Ground
1)Song No. 2 (streaming on Micah Wetzel.com) (Myspace)
2)Song No. 1
3)Road Lonely
4)Perfect Ending
5)Every Little Thing
7)Tomorrows Yesterdays
8)Song No. 1 (Acoustic)
9)This On Me (Remix)

Previous Radio Stations

KSDJ 90.7 FM
KAUR 89.1 FM
KKCK 99.7 FM

Set List

Micahs setlist varies from show to show. A lot of his setlists he adjusts during a show to accomodate the audience. If an audience is feeling originals, he wont play more than a couple covers. If they arnt in the mood for original music, he puts a focus on his cover material. He has a keen eye for the genre of an audience letting him allow for covers that would be sure impress.

Typical setlist
-2 hours long

Cover Repertoire (Not limited to)

Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison)
Slide (Goo Goo Dolls)
Collide (Howie Day)
Karma Police (Radiohead)
Africa (Toto)
Don’t Dream it’s Over (Crowded House)
#41 (Dave Matthews)
Jimi Thing (Dave Matthews)
Your Beautiful (James Blunt)
Demons (Guster)
Eye of the Tiger (Rocky Theme)
Blowing in the Wind (Bob Dylan)
Desperado (Eagles)
Babylon (David Gray)
Hero (Foo Fighters)
The World I know (Collective Soul)
Hey Jude (Beatles)
The Blowers Daughter (Damien Rice)
Margaritaville (Jimmy Buffett)
Wild Horses (Rolling Stones)