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mical akullian


haunting Folk rock-Americana for the masses...


The son of two hippies forever in love, i grew up in central california in a less than conventional household. The death of my father when I was entering high school sent me on a path of self expression that led me to playing the guitar and writing music. I've been trying to find my song ever since. "It is no measure of good health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society" -J. Krishnamurti

Influences; Fionn Regan, Josh Ritter, William Elliot Whitmore, Ani Difranco, Paul Simon, Cat Power, The Be Good Tanyas, Regina Spektor, Beirut, Feist, and the list goes on...



Written By: Mical Akullian

Waiting out under the rain
Waiting for the seasons to change
Prophets will come and they’ll go
Their stories bought and sold
But I found us a simple stone
And the markings are worn and old
Laying out on this road
Laying out on this road

But the vision that you had was just the sun in your eyes
Playing tricks on your mind
They were only car parts on the side of the road Wind blown
And you can never be sure of the things that you see
Sometimes, sometimes

Rose water prayers on the fire
Burning from the mouths of the liars
But the way that you move like driftwood
Floating by on this open ocean
Takes that thorn right out of my side
And the salt water seeps inside
Driving out that old ghost
Driving out that old ghost


Repeat verse 1

Billy Burroughs

Written By: Mical Akullian

Paradise will come again
But for now we’ll watch the fog roll in
Church bells ring often now
Counting down the saddest sounds
Bellows up from somewhere deep inside
The kind of song that makes your heart
Break every time, break every time

Oh, oh o oh it’s on paper now
You can fill in the blanks
But the damage is done
There are thieves at your door
And they’re gunning
For that golden light in your head

Billy Burroughs is gone my friend
He was long gone before the end
Accidents happen all the time
William Tell drunk your father blind
Like a paper tiger in the road
A great black wind through the
Whitest of bones, the whitest of bones


Follow me down to the water’s edge
Chase me faster, you fell again
Weeping willows in the tall summer grass
Memories, they all come flooding back
Fingers tapping on the window from outside
The kind of sound that makes your heart
Break every time, break every time

The Song that No One Knows

Written By: Mical Akullian

We packed the coals in the stove
Well It’s as dark as it is cold
They signaled left we took a right
Their losing streak burned in my mind
We heard the words in the wind
That bitter taste is in our skin
Along the river floats a rose
That shines like sun upon the snow

He fell in love with a ghost
And heard a song that no one knows
He fell in love with a ghost
And heard that song that no one knows

We found that house made of stone
Down a road that no one knows
The fireflies are in your head
Burning bright on thoughts unsaid
And with the silence that we make
We’ll leave our past outside the gate
and watch that stone turn to sand
Return it all, on borrowed land

Her buried heart in the snow,
She heard a song that no one knows
Her buried heart in the ground
She heard that song no one knows

Set List

Watch 'em Fall
The Song that No One Knows
Billy Burroughs
Song of the Pantheist