mica mountain works

mica mountain works

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Something else. This music is original, honest and fun. Acoustic, singer-songwriter feel with a jam-band attitude and great harmonies...mica mountain works


Well...it all started back in Korea...no, really. The band met as ESL teachers in the city of Busan, South Korea. There is a growing ex-pat community in Korea and, as such, an interesting and diverse music scene. They noticed that many of the "ex-pat" bands were playing mostly cover songs...so they set out to do something different: To play all original material for this growing, international audience. Michael has been playing guitar and writing songs for the last ten years. This has provided the band with alot of material to work with. Patrick has been playing violin for A LONG TIME and studied music in University...giving the band it's discipline and technical expertise. David is originally from the East coast of Canada where he has been in many local bands. The three of them are still playing together in South Korea and hope to do a tour of Japan in the very near future...



Written By: Michael Laveck

Count coca-cola
in the ditch or on your yard
He's got his relevancy
and we've got our excuses
Counting it together
it's batter in the oil
Fast not fresh
not even past the test

Prince pepsi and
french fanta fresh
of utopian descent
made meat from gravy
but couldn't ever save me
Saving up my time
and I know you save yours too
Saving up forever
together me and you

Now it's taking over
Like a dream or a chore?

Art stars and shoe stripes
Dancing through those stares
I'll remeber your innocence
and I will buy you November

Bad boy barqs and
cool cruel creamy orange crush
With stripes in their hair
and elevator boots
Driving on the desert
with their horses on fire
Telling me I'm just
another soul for hire

Now they're taking over
Like a dream or a chore?

Weight of the World

Written By: David Michael Laveck

Might have been the sound of a thousand secrets
Could have been the call of a moth
Might have been the weight of a mountain crushing
Could have been the sound on the wind

Taste the stars and swallow whole
Take the stars and fix this hole

Might have been the weight of a thousand secrets
That’s the weight of the world

Not until you visit a polar region
Will you know your water is soft
Mostly I just put it all out of reach
The rest you know I put it on top

Taste the stars and swallow whole
Take the stars and fix this hole

Not until you visit a polar region
Will you really see the stars

Hardy even had a hope for having
And now we’re growing our own
Could it be that’s what they’re afraid of
The weight of the world

Take these stars yes take them down
Put your feet on solid ground

Could it be the war of a thousand secrets
Against the weight of the world


"To Ward" release details TBA
"For Over" release details TBA

Set List

Just Wait
Electric Glow
Ill Fanatic
Tell me what I know
Watch them fall
And Brandy
White bright light love
Be Forever
Soldier Pony

We have 5 (or more...) sets of 45-60 minutes worth of music.