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Mic Boogie is a mix of that oldschool 80's Hip Hop and new school smooth flowing lyrics. Luring you in with catchy hooks and hard hitting beats. While entertaining you with witty rhymes and everyday life events.


Let me introduce you to Michael "Mic Boogie" Lamourie. He was born and raised in the blue collar city of Oshawa, 30 mins east of Toronto, Canada. Growing up in the "Schwa", Mike was surrounded by hockey, rock music, General Motors and don't forget lots of beer & smoke.
Early in elementary school, however, it was evident to a young Michael Bruce Lamourie that he was in love with Hip Hop music. After hearing groups like Grand Master Flash & the Furious Five, the Boogie Boys, Run DMC and a list too long to mention, his ear was stuck to the streets. As the culture grew so did Mike’s interest in how the music was made and what it took to rock the mic. Between playing high school football and basketball he made time to surround himself with other local MC's and producers interested in making Hip Hop music. After learning production from local Dj, Rodney "Rod C" Woodman, he decided it was time to grab a pen & pad and let the rhymes flow.
Curiosity turned into a hobby a hobby into a passion. That passion now brings you the raw MC & Production styles of, Mic Boogie. Combining musical roots that stem from the rock sounds of the late 60's & 70's with the golden era of Hip Hop, the 80's. Boogie's laid back flow will for sure have you eager for more. A smooth flowing MC style accompanied by drums that vibrate the concrete will have you reminiscing of nothing more then good old fashioned Hip Hop music. Mic knows no bounds lyrically as he speaks on subject matter ranging from current political issues to spitting party rhymes to keep the crowd hype. A harsh dose of reality with a comedic twist is what your sure to find when you pop in a Mic Boogie CD.


That's Me

Written By: Michael B. Lamourie Sr.

That’s Me
Written and performed by: M. Lamourie

Opening: If you don’t know. By the time this here’s done.
Your gonna know. That’s Me!
Check it. Mic Boogie
Come on, here we go.

Chorus: Who comes through like f__k you? That’s me.
If you tuck one who tucks two? That’s me.
Who’s rollin them tree’s like f__k you? That’s me.
Who’s still pouring drinks at quarter after 3? That’s me.

Verse 1: You know I creep with street script your peeps get
nervous and there teeth grit cause I speak with,
dialect, dangerous like anorexic on a diet get.
If my albums in the stores why you ain’t buy it yet?
Got heat for that ass like I’m Dade county.
Commin at you like dog for that paid bounty.
F__k black and white sh__s grey around me,
24/7 for real I stay cloudy.
Most I hear they flap at the gums,
and some folks around here come and clap for your funds.
Same s__t different pile,
same kicks different mile,
same tricks different doggie style!
I slide through your alley-way,
Smooth like a bally’s suede.
Rhyme smith that rhyme slick, on time with.
1, 2 don’t stop that body body,
Mic Booige I’m here to rock the party hottie.

Chorus: Repeats twice.

Verse 2: I got no time for weak rhymes
and beats with no bang.
That’s like blocks in Watts havin no gangs.
Un-probable and highly unlikely,
you must be high to try and out-write me.
Boogie bin done doin this for years now.
Hold on for the ride I’m ‘bout to gear down.
Get my grind on so watch your toes,
suppose you can say I’m cutting the grass of my foes.
Boogs a stone rollin holdin raps down,
my dominance can be missed like sittin Shaq down.
What the f__k you lookin at me for ice grillin?
Cause I stole your strip and started price killin.
Slash’em in half dash’em and laugh.
Don’t get, mad at me cause I mastered my craft.
I’m a, rhyme animal intent to kill.
Take this microphone and put a dent in your grill!

Chorus: Repeats twice.

Everybody's Doin' It!

Written By: Michael B. Lamourie Sr.

Everybody’s Doin’ It!
Written and performed by: M. Lamourie

Chorus: Why you spittin rhymes dog? Everybody’s doin’ it!
Throw your hands up, Everybody stand up.
Why you rockin shine dog? Everybody’s doin’ it!
Throw your hands up, Everybody stand up.
Why you on the grind dog? Everybody’s doin’ it!
Throw your hands up, Everybody’s Doin’ It!
Why these girls stand in line dog? Everybody’s doin’ it!
Throw your hands up, Everybody stand up.

Verse 1: Why you sniffin them lines girl? Cause everybody doin it.
I’m no preacher if it’s bad bet I’m doin it.
I’m here for a good time not to ruin it.
So keep doin it, like everybody’s doin it.
I’m that bubble gum girl start to chewin it.
Loose control like everybody’s doin it.
It’s fun with 1 but let me put 2 in it.
Don’t worry cause everybody’s doin it.
Boogs doin it till he’s all through with it.
Now he got the spot hot and doin it.
Ladies love how Mic Boog be doin it.
And doin it and doin it till everybody’s doin it.

Chorus: Repeat once.

Verse 2: Man I had to make a club track, everybody’s doin it.
Wall to wall packed while were doin it.
Mic Boogie always come through with it.
No matter how everybody’s doin it.
Line the bar with bottles how we doin it
You know just like everybody’s doin it.
Street Chemistry I rep through and through with it.
True blue with it no matter how I’m doin it.
Rockin a blazer like everybody’s doin it.
White T and them white nike’s to with it.
No matter the code I’m getting through with it.
Even when nobody else be, I’m doin it.
Why you watchin me bro while I’m doin it?
Oh yeah it’s cause everybody’s doin it.
I must have forgot I’m hot while I’m doin it.
Pop my collar like everybody’s doin it.


1st Single-That's Me! (Released on Flow 93.5 January 2007)
2nd Single-Everybody's Doin' It! (Released through Soulkiss/Universal to HMV, iTunes.ca & Amazon.ca October 2007), Righteous remix also released to commercial radio across country.
1st Video-Everybody's Doin' It! (Released on Much Music & Much Vibe September 2007)
2nd Video-Everybody's Doin' It! Righteous Remix (Released on Much Music and BPM TV Dec 2007)
3rd Single- Good Look (Released to radio February 2008)
3rd Video- Good Look (Released Much Music & Much Vibe

Set List

3-4 songs. 10-15 set depending on time givin.
Could be extended for a longer set time.
All original music.
Dj involved in the show along with a hype man.