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Denver, Colorado, United States

Denver, Colorado, United States
Hip Hop Hip Hop


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This band has not uploaded any videos




15-Nov-2012 10:26
Frantic hi hat pattern lures you into the mix of synth sequences and on the beat hip hop vocal spread.This is exciting in a rhythmic
way and sounds well arranged with good tonal range in the mix.I like the synth effects,the little quirks that all interact to make this
gimmicky tune work.A bit of an old skool rap style makes this appealing,it flows efforlessly.The descending synth line is my
favorite ,love the way it decays.
16-Nov-2012 22:32
There's alot going on at the start of this song. Lots of techno beats, very pleasing to the ears. The arrangement was good and tight.
Very imaginary with the different beats intertwined. Can't see way the dance floor not being packed with this song playing. Lyrics
were okay, but the beats drive this tune and makes it work. There will be great commercial for this song.
Age: 35-
17-Nov-2012 01:18
There is quite the large audience of the love of this genre, there is a lot of great bells and whistles in the musical background.
Loaded with the sparkling fun kind of beat and rhythm. The song could be a school yard jump rope song or a rap streetwise nursery
rhyme. I have to listen to the lyrics more closely though, they might have some adult languagage. In that case, there would be a very
adult nursery rhyme in there. The rhyme in there is lively and bright. There is alot of vibrant and amusing style with the vibe being
one of the most interesting and party-like tunes of the centrury. That chorus is quite exciting and it has some structure with alot of
melodies and harmonies, nothing over bearing or filled with quality -less types of energy. I dislike the whole set up of the ...wait, I
don't dislike anything inthis track. It is truely creative in the music and the words and lyrics as well as the singing and the like. I like
the whole reason for it living, very beautifully done. So much action and movement in just the words themselves that the song
probably wouldn't even need those odd instruments making those cool sounds in the musical background but they were nicely done
as well. There is a quality that I hear in this track.
Age: 35-
17-Nov-2012 12:53
thank you for giving this song to review.i'm happy listening to it because this is the song!nice rnb voices.the only black point of this
song are the words,a little bit dirty words not suitable to lesson with your family
the composition and the arrangement are good.
nice melody.
Age: 35-
17-Nov-2012 17:40
I like this music, grabs my attention from the word go. Rap is another one of my favorite styles of music and this song tells you why.
The instruments work well together to form a good beat for the rappers and i really like it. Rated 8.
Age: 35-
17-Nov-2012 17:51
I like the song but not the lyrics they were very repetitive but also funny. I recommend this song for party people and rap people. I
like the middle of the song most of any part of the song. I want to hear more of this artist's music to see if there is different type of
18-Nov-2012 03:20
This song has an exciting intro to it very good the vocals in the song are repetitive need to add some variety to the vocals the music
in this song is interesting this song would be a very good R&B tune I think that this song does deserve some serious airplay.
15-Nov-2012 10:12
A great and unique track and I love the digital effects they sound amazing. This is definitely a well set hip hop hit with very stylish
vocals. The lyrics are astonishing and well complimented by a rich variety of nicely toned instrumentals. The artists are definitely
creative and make this track sound great. This is one hit that will get lots of love from the hip hop fraternity.
15-Nov-2012 16:54
like the way its gets higher and higher. nice rap voice. The flow is so good. He sounds like the good 90 rap, this is how its ment to
sound. All new rap is not half as good as this. U got to make more of this music. i will buy ur album thats for sure. Shoty work that
back. The party aint over yet. Realy nice. i just love it.
15-Nov-2012 17:16
This song has excellent ranges of varied beats,bass, and high tempos.Rap genre of music has a popular stylish sounds.Interesting
vocals and lyrically talented and creative.Instrumentally has nice balance and accents the rapper tuneful levels of vocals.Abstract
and groovy with swag.radio potential
16-Nov-2012 19:06
This is a song that is quite interesting. I like how the song is a dance song that was my favorite part of this song. I did not quite
understand all the lyrics but I still found them to be quite interesting. Overall very decent song! So I think if you like rap music then
this song will likely be up your alley!
17-Nov-2012 14:26
I like the digital effect in the intro; it makes me anxious to see what is coming next. The lyrics are fun and easy to understand. The
arrangement works well, and I really like beat. The hook is very catchy. This song would have a good commercial appeal.
17-Nov-201 - SOUNDOUT


Still working on that hot first release.



On January 19, 1985, Michael Fields, A.K.A "Mic Feelz" was born at Jefferson Davis County Hospital in Houston, Tx. Two years after Mic Feelz was born his Father, Donald Fields was in a fatal car accident. Now raised by a single-mother and grand-parents, Mic Feelz had to experience many different obstacles traveling from Houston, Dallas, and Corpus Christi, Tx. At the age of 13, Mic Feelz was in and out of lock-down and spending time in rehab for his anger and his connection with drugs. By the age of 15, Mic Feelz was arrested and convicted as a juvenile then sent to a placement in Spring, Tx north of Houston near Acres Homes. Back to where he began life now feeling lost and blind, not being able to see a future other than Sex, Drugs, and Hustlin. WHAT TO DO?

Inspired by his Father who played percussion under Luchenbach Productions with Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and many others... Plus the pictures of his past, Mic Feelz always knew music was a big part of his life. A boy out of 3rd ward, Tx in a placement home named Armond Ford was the one who was going to point Mic Feelz in the right direction to express what he has experienced. Having Mic Feelz write a song with him and making Mic realize that he could express what was built up inside. Mic Feelz found his path. Free-styling for hours and writing pages for days. Mic Feelz was released to the streets at the age of 17 and hit'em hard. Still in and out of lock-down as time went on. Mic Feelz now has a son- Michael Smith Fields, never putting the pad down years have passed and songs have piled up. Mic Feelz, A One-Man Team, started Open Door Records/ OD Records and financed his first Album, "Your New Addiction". As well as producing the beats and recording himself using only a USB microphone and touch-pad laptop.

Determined and Committed... Mic Feelz, "Tha Versace Kid" has finally released his first Album, " MIC FEELZ - Your New Addiction " Now 2009, Mic Feelz has been putting in alot of work advertising and recording New Songs... Recently in March of 2009, Mic Feelz went to Houston to feature MTV's Riff Raff- From G's to Gents 2 (SODMG), when he was profiled and arrested for Marijuana and Xanax in Huntsville after an unruly traffic stop. Getting out on bond (Lagway Bail Bonds) to only go back down to Houston a week later to feature MTV's Riff Raff on Mic Feelz Mix-Tape series. Mic Feelz also made several appearences on K104.5's Rhyme Line where he showcased his free-style skills and exposing his hunger for success...

Signing 2 New Hot Producers to his record label, Open Door Records. Now ready to start flooding the streets with CD's!!! Recently releasing his second highly anticipated Album, "Fraggle Block" featuring MTV Riff Raff. It was a huge success. With a HOT new producer on the beats, Mic Feelz had the chance to express his style much better. Still recorded by Mic Feelz and released under his record label. Along came several other mixtapes, videos, and shows. Alot happened during the climb, along with losing his best friend and boss man. AD- The Hustla was murdered by 3 young dumb kids trying to make a few dollars. After AD's death it tore Mic Feelz up and filled him up with rage. Cutting off the non-stop supply of popcorn (high quality Texas weed) and losing his close friend had alot of impact and forever changed Mic Feelz life. Taking a few trips to Abilene to get his "Paper", it was time to hed to Colorado. Going to Colorado as a Texas Boy filled with rage, it gave Mic Feelz a better outlook on life surrounding himself around positivity and Medical Marijuana. (Preferably Chemdawg, or a Diesel strain) Mic Feelz was piling up songs and now growing over 150 plants in a basement of a house rented downtown Colorado Springs, Co. Eventually enrolling in school to learn how to read sheet music and play piano. Then only to drop out to use his financial aid money to move Denver Nugs to Dallas on a Greyhound Bus. About 3 trips a week with about 5- 10 ounces a trip, thats like 90 hours and $1800 to $3200 a trip. It was time consuming and very draining for Mic Feelz. Although most of his next Album, "Mic Feelz 4 Realz" was written during this time. Giving off a real feeling to Mic Feelz music. Now evolving into this very unique Artist. Somebody who definately is setting trends, giving rap a New FACE!

Now 2012, Mic Feelz has been in the mountains giving up the Greyhound to start on his biggest hustle yet, "Mic Feelz 4 Realz"! It's an "Action-Packed" album with alot of new songs and a whole new twist on the game. With a massive release of projects coming this Summer. Expect alot of new Songs, Videos, and Huge Events. It's going to be an explosive year. With his new families support, and newly born son- Money Blue Fields, Mic Feelz is on the Road to Fame! Accomplishing so much on his own, many believe he is a self-made Rap-Star! With a large fan base around the world, a versityle approach to music, and knowledge of what a record la