Mic Force

Mic Force


Mic Force may be one of the only right wing extremist rock bands on the planet. If you want the same weepy liberal dog squeeze you get from REM or Dave Mathews, move on. This is music by an American band that isn't afraid to say it like it is.


Mic Force was formed from members of a variety of Atlanta bands following the 911 attack. The time had come to add another voice to the rock dialogue dominated by wimpy sensitive liberal twits. Mic Force is balls out right wing extremist rock with some love songs thrown in the mix.


Soul Inside - Single, released 2001
Black Hole - Single, released 2002

Soul Inside - full length CD to be released June 2002

Set List

Soul Inside
Black Hole
Rodeo Song
Heaven is Waiting
The Light
Everybody's Going Nowhere
This Train's Leaving
Can You Hear Me Through the Noise