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Michael Louis Austin

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1993 | SELF

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 1993
Solo Americana Acoustic




"Vegas Live With Ninon at the Peppermill"

Ninon: I have Michael Lewis Austin with me. He likes to be called Michael and of course he is a singer and he plays the guitar. Like a lot of the guests I have on my show. But we're also down here at the Peppermill Lounge. The Peppermill lounge is a fabulous place. It has been here since 1972 and we're actually sitting or you are sitting in the Elvis Presley booth!

Michael: Oh wow!

Ninon: So this is quite an honor for all!

Michael: That's awesome!

Ninon: Yes, it is awesome. Actually wonderful. So Michael, you are a singer in Vegas.

Michael: Yes

Ninon: Amongst many.

Michael: Yes.

Ninon: How's it going?

Michael: Oh it's going pretty good. This last year has been the best so far.

Ninon: Since you've been in the business?

Michael: Yeah.

Ninon: Really?

Michael: Yeah.

Ninon: So what did you do so different to make it happen? You must have done something a little different.

Michael: Lots of networking with other musicians. I was involved in an open mic which started years ago which I think is back at the Gold Spike called Vegas on the Mic.

Ninon: Vegas on the Mic?

Michael: Yeah and basically I met hundreds of musicians there in Vegas, outside of Vegas and became friends with them. That led to more opportunities that led to me doing like an acoustic showcase with Rick and Michelle Duarte. I have a booking company and so just
doing that and going out. And eventually I started getting booked for
casinos and lounges and restaurants.

Ninon: That's amazing so you're putting it all down after being out there.

Michael: Yes.

Ninon: So there's you know and this is what we keep saying ,you have you're not gonna get anything sitting at home no you have to be out there, you have to let people see you and let people know what's going on on what's going... What's happening with you and who you are right and also to find out what voice you have and that's probably what everybody wants to hear how different you to the others? How different are you?

Michael: Well I didn't bring it with me but I play harmonica.

Ninon: Oh really?

Michael: Not great but yeah I play like Bob Dylan style where I basically just blow on notes that sound good. I don't have anything necessarily pre-planned. I'm starting to teach myself blues harmonica so that's the next level but I do that and I would say as far as a
working musician and doing cover songs, I do a wide variety. So one minute I might be playing the Beatles or Elvis Costello, but then I'll switch over to Radiohead or The Plain White T's and which are more like...

Ninon: And it works?

Michael: Yeah it works.

Ninon: Yeah, because people like a variety because not everybody likes you know whatever music someone's playing whether it's rap or rock and roll or whatever it may be. They like to have where you're pleasing everybody.

Michael: Exactly and then I try to sneak in originals and usually often
I get more applause for those.

Ninon: Do you like writing your own music?

Michael: Oh I love it! Yeah, that's the main thing that I do.

Ninon: That's the main thing?

Michael: Yeah.

Ninon: Do you ever write music for other people?

Michael: Um I mean I actually... yeah I I've been writing with the guy named Russell Christian. He's a local contract lawyer in Vegas and he basically him andI are kind of doing a project where we're writing country music and then shortly, like probably at the end of the year we are gonna try to get something in Nashville.

Ninon: Is he singing or is he just the kind of person is putting it together business wise?

Michael: He's singing and playing guitar he's basically a musician.

Ninon: Oh yeah?

Michael: Yeah it's basically a musician that decided to go to law school and yeah he actually puts on some informational like sessions every couple of months. He did one like last year at the Bunkhouse
Saloon for like copyright law stuff for musicians and stuff like that.

Ninon: That's amazing! You don't really often hear a lawyer in the music business as of singing and playing and doin all this. And I guess the message were giving out there is anybody can do whatever they want.

Michael: Yeah, absolutely

Ninon: You know, why just because I'm a lawyer, I've got to be strict, I've got to be this, I've got to be that, no you can sing, you know. Lawyer during the day and singer at night! Why not?

Ninon: Do you do anything else?

Michael: I teach guitar lessons, I do some business consulting, I'm also in a band called The All-Togethers.

Ninon: Doesn't he look like he's altogether? How are they doing?

Michael: Awesome! We won last year best Rock Band in Las Vegas which, I think is funny cuz.....

Ninon: Best rock band in Las Vegas and you're keeping it down? I wanna hear about this!

Michael: Yeah, it was I think Desert Companion magazine which is an affiliate of NPR and they basically.... We got voted for it and it's funny because we're kind of a Bluegrass band. It's all acoustic, there's no
drummer. Ken and Cindy Osborne are a couple. He's the singer mandolin player and Cindy is the bass player. We've got Brenna Lee who's me cellist and we've got Brandon. Brandon I'm sorry if I
pronounced your name wrong. Brandon Madejek and he's a really great acoustic guitarist and he's also a fantastic singer.

Ninon: So you got this award! So that's also got to put you up the ladder a little bit.

Michael: Oh absolutely! Yeah.

Ninon: So you have to go out and get all these things or be in the right place at the right time and work it. Now said that he would play me something. What is gonna pay?

Michael: I'm gonna play a song off of my album. It's an eight song album. The song is called "Radio". The album's name is called "Radio".

Ninon: Michael Louis Austin...it's called "Radio" Isn't that a great picture (on the cover). Okay let's go for it!

Michael: Okay! (Plays "Radio")

Ninon: Wow! That's amazing! (Applause throughout the Peppermill) I can see why you're doing well. Because you have sometimes a little different tone in your voice that's very attractive.

Michael: Well, thank you!

Ninon: And that's what I think people are kind of looking for, something a little bit different you know. You talk about all these top singers and although they are, why do they get chosen? Why do they reach it, because they've got something different. And then I think when you sort of you know enhance that part that's different of yours
that moves you up because they say, I like that. There are a lots of bands that are very much the same. The singers are on the
same level. So change your tune, change your tone (pointing to the audience). And one message for the young people out there getting into the business I always ask this question.

Michael: Stay positive. If you get discouraged, talk to somebody that's doing it. There's lots of people out there that want to help and
then don't listen the people that are discouraging.

Ninon: Stay out there, stay with them and stay with the positive people! Michael Lewis Austin absolutely amazing look at his new disc which is called "Radio" absolutely wonderful! You are amazing and good luck with everything.

Michael: Thank you so much!

Ninon! Thank you for coming out! - Ninon


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Michael is from Mystic, Connecticut.  Since a child, he has been singing, writing music and performing.  Although he was a very talented athlete as he dabbled into football and Martial Arts, his true passion in the creation of music superseded and yet another talent was reveled!  

Reminiscent of 60s/70s American folk, British Pop, and Broadway Musicals prior to his teens, Michael later grew to becoming more influenced by Rock oriented bands as well as Hip Hop.

In 2010, Michael moved to Las Vegas, NV where he currently resides and has made himself into quite the entertainer where the city never sleeps.

The House Always Wins when Michael Louis Austin performs with his Americana style as the crowd goes “ALL IN” when he performs in local casinos and relieving bartenders of their frequent duties of babysitting the boozers as he gives them STRAIT SHOTS” of fun and entertainment with no “CHASERS” needed!  In addition, he keeps families happy “ON THE FRY” as he performs in local restaurants and events where all ages are welcome.

Michael has been featured in local Las Vegas magazines, such as Review Journal and Desert Companion.  He has been in original bands that have opened up for several well-known Rock Bands including Everclear, Letters To Cleo, Nada Surf, Eve's Plumb (Vitamin C) and The Spin Doctors. He has performed at the most successful open mic in the city called “Vegas On The Mic”, where he was also the artist relations person for it.

Michael has been a professional guitar instructor for over 10 years and has developed a revolutionary method of guitar instruction for the"busy person".

His music has a positive message lyrically and plenty of hooks in all the right places.

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