I am just one guy who has a collection of lyrics from the last 30 years or so. I hear the music and the words all at the same time but even though I can sing my songs the way I hear them I do not write music. Each song is very different than rest, so I don't really have a specific genre.


My songs just come to me. Some are life related, others are pure imagination. I have a lullaby, a couple of love songs, a sad song about dying, a song about being a divorced Dad, and a song about a wandering little girl who discovers the planet earth while playing one day and tells us we have a lot to learn.


wasted days & wasted nights

Written By: michael aldieri

Wasted Days & Wasted Nights

Wasting days and wasting nights I cry waiting for you
Didn’t know you’d leave me lonely Didn’t know you’d make me blue

Now I’m sitting here and I’m wondering Why I’m wasting so much time
Waiting for you pretty baby Well now listen honey I’m

Not wasting any more days and nights Waiting for you
Hoping someday you’ll be lonely Hoping someday you’ll be blue

And that maybe you’ll think about me You’ll let me cross your mind
But if you come looking for me You’re not gonna find

Me wasting days and wasting nights Crying over you
You won’t find me lonely No you’re not gonna find me blue

And it really doesn’t matter Why you ever went away
So goodbye pretty baby I’m leaving you today

Wasted days and wasted nights I’ve cried waiting for you
Yeah you left me lonely Pretty baby you made me blue

But I no longer sit and wonder I’m not wasting no more time
Waiting for you pretty baby Now girl hear me say that I’m

Not wasting any more days and nights Waiting just for you
I don’t’ care now if you are lonely Girl I don’t care if you’re blue

I don’t care if you’re thinking bout me Hoping I’ll be kind
When you come looking for me Pretty baby you’re gonna find

I’m no longer wasting all my nights and days
You’re gonna find out pretty baby Girl I’ve changed my ways

Maybe then you will be sorry for doing me so wrong
But it’s too late pretty baby this is the end of our love song

Michael Anthony Aldieri

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