Michael Abbott

Michael Abbott


Rock Alternative Act using a conglomeration of styles to produce memorable lyrics, music, and riffs. Stylisticly, it's a fusion of rock, jazz, alternative, and pop that is continuously evolving and always entertaining.


Michael Abbott is a 24-yr old Pell City, AL native who has been performing and honing his act over the last several years. Having just completed a full production, 7song limited edition album, Michael and his band are now getting ready for a spring promotional tour.

“I teamed up with producer Jonathon Smith on my latest album because of his growing reputation as a rock producer. I had some songs that I really needed to get recorded the right way with the right people. We were able to spend several months in the studio and take our time to get the results we wanted. We layered a lot of tracks and I tried a lot of new things that I hadn’t done before. I think what we created is something that I can be proud of and continue to build upon.”

Michael has played extensively as a solo artist but is welcoming the change his new band lineup brings as his music continues to evolve. Here's a little more about the album.

“I think we have a good sound with this record. I really like playing the music and look forward to hearing feedback from others. It’s definitely in the rock alternative category, and the music is very melodic. I know a lot of people probably say that about their music, but when I write, I hear harmonies in my head first, and then I play them on my guitar. I’ll just play a melody for days or even weeks, and then gradually find the right set of words to put with it to create a song. I never do lyrics first, and that’s why I think the music is the way it is. I also have to thank Jonathon Smith, my producer, for pulling the best out of me and sharing my vision for what this project could be. I hope everyone enjoys the album as much as I do.


Thinking Twice

Written By: Michael Abbott

I can't escape the thoughts of you
Entering my mind
You answered all my questions
With that kiss goodbye
Evading truth
With each word you say
It's not that much to ask you to
Meet me halfway

You're playing with fire
And you're treading on thin ice
I used to admire you
But now I'm thinking twice

Put on your shoes
And walk with me
Please tell me something
That I can believe
I don't know where
I went wrong with you
You've got me thinking
That we could be through

This Town

Written By: Michael Abbott

I'm on a four lane road
Heading into the city
But I've got nowhere to go
Once I get there
The sky is overcast
And I'm counting the buildings
Rising up from the ground
To pierce the air

Can I get by

When it's raining in this town
When I can't help wonder
If you were still around
I'm in a once familiar place
Seeing shadows of your face
When it's raining, In this Town

I'm at the end of my rope
Still thinking about you
Rolling into the park
Where we first met
You know it's hard to believe
That the rumors were all true
But I'll never regret
The things I said

Can I get by


(Last time on chorus)
And it's raining in this town
And I can't help wonder
If you were still around
I'm in a once familiar place
I guess I've had some better days
And I've got nothing more to say
But I think I'll be okay
When it's raining, In this town

What I want to know

Written By: Michael Abbott

From the beginning my perspective was so clear, Unhindered by you I was living without fear, But now I worry every time I hear your voice

Laced in a promise that you will not forget me, You tell me everything I want to believe, And now I hesitate to make my choice

I guess you're just
Waiting for me
By the dotted line
You seem sorry
And you tell me
Everything is fine

But what I want to know
Is this just a show
You're leading and I'm following not knowing where we'll go
But only time will tell
I'm wrapped up in your spell
I'm setting all my sights on unseen unsuspecting wealth

You can put your faith in me
I am everything I seem
I won't stumble in the dark
I can't find a better way
To say what I want to say
But I hope I've hit the mark


Michael Abbott "Limited Edition" 7song album

Single: This Town

Cd's available at cdbaby.com, Tower Records-Nashville, michaelabbottmusic.com

Music available at Napster, Apple I-tunes, Rhapsody, Emusic, and many more!

Set List


What I Want to Know
This Town
Still Together
Thinking Twice
Fast Asleep
I'm Not Waiting
Out of Time 45 min.

Solo (additional songs)

Melodic Sentence
Completey Yours(So Much More)
A Little Conversation 60-75min.

When booked as a band:

Currently 1 set 30-45min.

When booked as a solo act:

Currently 1-2 sets 1-2hrs. Mostly originals, and a few Rock/Pop covers