Michael Adams

Michael Adams


Just an amateur songwriter. Style is heavy rock with some accustic moments, depending on mood. Whatever takes my fancy really, i like to mix it up.


Write songs for fun, its a hobby. Needed a sonicbids page to enter the ISC.


Another Day

Written By: Michael Adams

One in the morning
And I dont know what to do
so I answered with a smile
dont want to pander to my insecurities but say aloud
would you stay a while.

Its all over now, somehow
Im getting better but im bringing me down
of all the things that annoy me that stings
because its self inflicted.

If I was walking in a boneyard of yesterdays demands
I dont think id understand.
I need to question my intentions
you see I thnk I can
sense a pattern here
theres something rotten here.

All the plans I put in motion
theres no ambition there
I despise ineptitude.
So controlling, so embroiled in my ridicule, I stand.
Lost in shallow games.
Its just another day.

Another morning
Id take away that smile
and Id try to talk to you
dont want to pander to my insecurities
but I always do.



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