Michael Angelo Martinelli

Michael Angelo Martinelli



When a name like Michael Angelo is heard, one may think of many things, but a few keywords will eventually come to mind. Those being paint, sculpture, and quite possibly renaissance.

Although Michael Angelo the painter and Michael Angelo the musician are two very different people. Both artists similarly use their tools to express themselves in the only way that they know how. Through their art.

Every song written is like a carefully painted picture. Each with it’s own color, personality, and mood. All with one objective. To satisfy it’s listeners.

Whether you’re looking for something catchy to sing with friends, or just something you can relate to. Michael Angelo aims to please all audiences with song styles ranging from driving rock anthems like “I Can’t Wait!”, to softer acoustic ballads like “This Is Love”. All of which contain memorable pop hooks and clever lyrics, written with the care and precision of an artist’s brush stroke.

This Michael Angelo may not be the same person as the renaissance man himself, but he can certainly “paint a picture” like him.