Michael Arnieri

Michael Arnieri


I started wrting when I was 12. Little poems mostly for family members and or about them... 1986 when I was on vacation with a group of friends we entered a talent contest and won first place for " Gange Man " it was recorded in Jamaica and reached number #3 I am releasing the song here soon.


Born: 1960
Hometown: Arlington, IL
Profession: Lyrics, Producer and Artist

What I write is real...where I have been...and sometimes...where I must go. My influences...My parents. With respect to music, Lennon,Dylan.

Great respect for awesome writers and producers such as Mr. Berry Gordy, Mr. Smokey Robinson and Mr. Jackie Wilson

Favorite Artists: Elvis, The Lads, Nat King Cole, Carly Simon, Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett,Brian Wilson


Current Film/ Stage Project: " Siloutte " A live preformance of Music-Body and passion. A project in the works.

Set List

"Castway My Heart"(NaNas Song)
"Fade To Black"
"My Best Friend"
"Tiny Pot Of Gold"
"When Heaven gets To Heavy"
"For Sale"
"Glass Lake"
"Boy Oh Boy"
"Gange Man"
" We The People" (Video Coming Soon)