Michael Bernard Fitzgerald
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Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Band Folk Pop


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"MBF Brings The Love"

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald The MBF Love LP 4 out of 5
When up-and-coming Calgary singer-songwriter Michael Bernard Fitzgerald decided to call his latest CD release the mbf love lp, one doesn't get the feeling he made the choice to be clever or ironic or overly precious. He wasn't trying to convey any sort of great touchy-feely sensitivity as an artist.
Or, maybe he was trying to do all those things. Only he knows.
Either way, it was an honest and appropriate title because the ambitious 23-yearold is all about the love. Not love in a romantic sense, necessarily, but love as a general, all-around vibe.
There's a real sense of positivity and joy in the music Fitzgerald makes, an uplifting spirit that has made him a favourite of the local scene. And, given the quality of the tunes heard on the mbf lp, that's a love that deserves to be spread around.
The happy, hopeful feelings that fuel Fitzgerald can be tricky to deal with in song without coming off as hopelessly sappy, and, while it's true that some of his lyrics can be a bit twee and flowery, the lad makes it work with a sense of pop craftsmanship that is truly impressive.
His soulful folk-rock sound yields one deliciously compelling hook after the other on the mbf lp. Among the many standouts are Movie Life, which deserves to be a bona fide hit, the tune building into a glorious, almost Phil Spector-ish pop crescendo. Maxine, Can't Be Done With You and Brand New Spaces bear similar charms.
Fitzgerald also demonstrates his considerable musical ambitions bringing in orchestration and choirs, all of which fit the mix seamlessly, thanks in no small part to the crisp, organic production work of Russell Broom, known to many as Jann Arden's guitarist.
Some of the finer touches include Reach You, a dreamy slice of piano pop that incorporates marching band percussion, or Amazed with its old Motown approach. There's also the reflective and tender Suzie (I Love You) with its tasteful strains of violin.
The rich sounds are capped off with Fitzgerald's warm, innocent voice, which is simultaneously funky and sweet.
If you're wondering what all the local buzz is about where Michael Bernard Fitzgerald is concerned, the mbf lp spells it out with great pleasure.
- The Calgary Herald


'Black and White Phonetics (love.)' Released August 2006
'This is MBF EP' Released November 2007
'Maxine' and 'I got days' off of 'This is MBF EP' are in daily rotation in Calgary on X92.9fm
"MBF Love LP" released June 2009



Michael Bernard Fitzgerald (MBF) is a twenty two year old singer/songwriter from Calgary, Alberta. He plays an upbeat blend of acoustic soul folk pop. With influences ranging from Marvin Gaye to Damien Rice, his music is evident of many varying influences. The songs detail love in all of its forms, and the music at times is infectious. Backed by many wonderful musicians, the live set is always danceable, and always a lot of fun.

In the past year Michael has opened for Jully Black, The Wallflowers, Stars and Hedley. He also won the most promising songwriter award in the 2008 Calgary Folk Festival Songwriting Competition, earning him a performance spot in the festival. Michael was one of the five winning X92.9 Xposure bands, earning him a spot opening up for the Stills, as well as putting him on the bill for the 2008 Calgary Virgin Festival.

Hi sbiggest accomplishment was revealed in June 2009 - "The MBF Love LP"; a full length studio album produced by Russell Broom (Jann Arden), accompanied by the show entitled "Love & Manners" - a sight and sound spactacular coordinated by Michael, which involved 120 local musicians, dancers and visual artists. Over 1,200 people took in this event at the Jack Singer Concert Hall.

The MBF Love LP is a successfully emotive collection of original compositions that are direct, funky and immediately compelling. Comparisions can be traced to artists like Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz and other familiar artists, but the vibe and execution are all his own.