Michael Bevan

Michael Bevan


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Written By: Michael Bevan

In a hole
In a rut
All you see is fog in front of you
Can't get up
There's mud on the window
A disappointed heart
You know that something better is there for you if you can get out
If you can just get out

But it seems
You're another fly on the wall
A rat on the wheel
And a strict obeyer of the law
Imagination could help the situation
And break the box you're contained

You fall in line
Every time
You better stoke the fire in front of you before it dies
It's a cold existence
A hollow life
Joining mundane lengths with Sundays
Too numb to cry
You're too numb to cry


Pigeon holed
In your pigeon hole
To the n'th degree of conformity you slid the slope
Grand plans and schemes
Now a cop out reality
Nine to five and back and forth again has dulled the sheen
Dulled the sheen


Getting out
Break the mould and flap your wings
Safe cocoon is breaking the light is flooding in
Suddenly the road ahead is filled with possibility
Imagination setting in