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Michael Boggs

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You Can't Beat Eagletown

Written By: Michael Boggs

A small town girl worked at Dairy Queen
Saved her money to get outta this place
Somewhere she'd seen in a magazine
Someday she'd slip away without a trace

But Prom night she went a little too far
Now they're livin' on this cul-de-sac
Their son's the hometown football star
The big time high school quarterback

And every fall she hears that same school song
The symbol of all she wanted behind her
She tries to forget what went wrong
But that marching band plays a cold reminder...


You can't beat Eagletown, watch us fly
We're the Eagles circlin' in the sky
Our claws dig in, you'll never win
You can't beat Eagletown, don't even try

Her husband works at City Concrete
He lives just for those football games
With a wife he loves, his life's complete
She can never say she feels the same

So quietly she hides her sorrow
Those getaway plans are gone forever
She stopped dreaming of a new tomorrow
That day will come the day after never

( repeat chorus )

High in the stands, she sits on her hands
Sees Autumn leaves sailin' away
Some cling to trees, where they will freeze
Then turn a faded shade of gray

( repeat chorus )

You can't beat Eagletown, don't even try
No, you can't beat Eagletown, don't even try
No, you won't beat Eagletown, don't even try