Michael Boise

Michael Boise


Michael plays all originals, inspired by distantly existent memories, friends come and gone, and the beautiful loneliness of the modern west


Michael was born in Montana as the fifth child into a working class family of 12 . At age 6, he was first inspired to play guitar by a local duo called Storyhill (then called Chris & Johnny). He saved up allowances and eventually was able to buy a cheap nylon string guitar. At age 9 he wrote his first full song, and now at age 23 has since completed more than 150 original pieces. He has never learned how to read music and has taught himself to play each instrument. In a world so constricted by finances, relationships, love, hate, and laws, he finds his release in music. He has been in several bands throughout high school and the years that followed. When there are too many questions to be answered in this life, he prefers not to ask them and takes it as it comes.


Michael released his first self titled EP in sophomore year of high school with his band Otherwise. The same band later released a second EP in 2005 and a full length album titled "8th & Calender" in 2006. Otherwise dissolved in 2008 before the completion of their second album "Ghosts In Photographs". Some unofficially released tracks from that album are floating around the internet. He went on to play synth for a local band Satori Sky who then released their second album "here This Good Time". Moving on to a later band he played bass guitar with, "ZebraCity" released a self titled EP, He then released his first solo Album: "The Overcast", and then a live album, "Live on KGLT 91.9 FM" He receives occasional radio play on KGLT, KMBR, and KBGA, all Montana FM stations. He has recorded and produced albums for artists: Satori Sky, Have A Nice Coma, Autumn's Review, Twenty Something, Aaron Howard, Baylor Carter, and Cavin Losett

Set List

Typical set list ranges from 8 to 25 songs, with an occasional cover, depending on time allocated.

General set list:

1. 1000 Miles
2. And After August
3. Perfect Stranger
4. Camouflage For Thoughts
5. Solid Ground
6. This Old House
7. Closing The Distance
8. Knock On Wood
9. Brianna
10. The Divide
11. You And I
12. The Overcast
13. Existing Away
14. First Friday
15. New York City
16. Around The World