Michael Brown

Michael Brown

 Gulfport, Mississippi, USA
BandChristianAdult Contemporary

RightTrack Records, LLC

Michael is a composer, producer and audio engineer. He's the owner of RightTrack Records in Gulfport MS. He enjoys creating instrumental compositions in a variety of styles, including tracks for use in TV and film. He is also skilled in Pro Tools and radio production.


Michael Brown has gained local recognition as one of the best music producers on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. He has worked with many artists throughout the South. Some of his most recent work include; producing and recording local Gospel artists - such as Michael Guy, Tahirih Daniels, Street Saint, Ozell Adkins and others. Michael also scored music for several Filmmakers on the Gulf Coast.

Michael is experienced in creating all types of music for solo projects, film scores, soundtracks, commercials and more.
He's an expert in creating music in many genres; including Jazz, Gospel, R&B, Hip Hop, Theater/Drama, Rock, etc.


Righttrack Records Production Demo
By: Michael Brown

1. Highway
2. Peach Avenue
3. Lady In Red
4. Piano Love
5. Hits Villa

Lite Jazz
1. Central Park
2. The Vibe
3. Day By Day
4. This Christmas

1. Deep Sleep
2. The Secret Vault
3. In The Attic
4. Elements
5. The Trap

Soft R&B/Rock
1. Don't Leave Me
2. In Da Mixx
3. Dragonfly