Michael Burgin

Michael Burgin



Michael Burgin is a singer-songwriter from the mountains of North Carolina. His music is folk with an indie edge, but fans of many genres will appreciate his emotional style and compelling lyrics.
At age 24 he has played countless gigs in the North Carolina area and has toured all over the east coast. He is currently in the process of releasing his 5th release, 'Sick on the Noon Day Sun', due out in April.


2006 - The Gadfly (full length)
2008 - Hard Times (EP)
2008 - Death Will Tremble To Take Us (full length)
2009 - Violently Hungry (full length)
2011 - Sick on the Noon Day Sun (full length to be released in April)

Set List

Any and/or all of these songs can be performed. The Covers can be omitted upon request.


Bridge to Nowhere
CagedBird Singing
Sick on the Noon Day Sun
The Masses With Their Matches
The Lotus Tree
The 8 of Spades
Violently Hungry
The Service Industry Blues
I Take It All Back
Chapter 13
Folk Singers Don't Start Riots Anymore
Stuck Inside of Asheville with the Greensboro Blues Again
Talkin' Trick Mirror Blues

Black Star (Radiohead)
Do Re Mi (Woody Guthrie)
See See Rider Blues (Ma Rainey)
Badlands (Bruce Springsteen)