Michael Butera

Michael Butera

 Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

Australian singer/songwriter Michael Butera brings Pop to its finest moment yet.
Dripping with catchy melodies and full heart Michael is in North America to bring something fresh from Down under.
Preparations have begun for Michael Buteras first North American tour!


Michael Butera grew up in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. He spent his childhood studying locally while pursuing his music at every chance that was given.

Since the age of 11, Michael has written and recorded over 200 original works and is no stranger to the open stage. He has worked on his own music as well as collaborated with other artists and producers around the world.
Michael has been a part of many events in his career so far, including national conferences and events around Australia. Michael has shared the stage with many great artists and performed at various charity events and expos and loves to call the stage his second home. In recent times Michael has been writing and recording his debut album and taken part in some iconic shows in New York City for the amFar charity event and attended the Independent Music Summit (IMS) in California.

Influenced by great artists such as Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Mariah Carey and many others. 2012 will see Michael taking a big step on an international scale.

Michael Says “My goal in life is to share everything I can with as many as I can and to bring people into a world that will inspire them forever".



You Changed my Life

Written By: Michael Butera

You changed my life - Michael Butera

Oh oh ... Oh oh ...

I'll sit alone
And close my eyes and
Close my hands and
Pray to god that ..

You'll hear my voice
And feel the love you knew

I must admit its very hard to
Move along and live without you all I know is that I can feel you always
And you said to me that I'm not the first to lose someone ...

But I know what it's like to know.,
What it's like to live this whole time
Without you


You filled my heart with love
And your all I'm thinking of
You changed my life
Yeah you changed my life
You changed - changed my life

Oh I miss you in every way
And I'm thankful for everyday
You changed my life
Yeah you changed my life
You changed - changed my life


Please just know I will remember
Every January until December
And i will go on I will be strong for you
And you said to me that you knew that this day would come but you don't know what it's like to live what it's like to live this whole time without you.



I was blessed right from the heart and soul
Losing you was outta my control
You turned and you walked away
And left me standing here yet still today..

I was blessed right from the heart and soul
All you gave to me will never go
yeah I remember all the things you say and you were there for me in every way .


U changed my life

U changed my world

U changed my life .... Woah . ..


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