michael butler

michael butler


michael butler is a songwriter 1st and foremost. Writing about people, places and things with vividly descriptiive lyrics. Often, beggining a song with a simple acoustic strumming and blending in several instruments for a dynamic build that won't disappoint you!




"Charm City" " Mike Who?"

Set List

In a bar: Covers include - Elton John, CCR, Led Zepplin, Allison Kraus, John Cougar, John Prine, Etc.
45min sets (4)

Original gigs: Charm city, only man around the house, sweet counrty singers, cry baby, workin' girl, choptank river boys, wash my hands, any port in the storm, wiggletown, seaside rhythm, somebody's gonna love me, thank you, time to feel that way, boys will be boys...........
(2) 45 min sets