Michael Butler
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Michael Butler

Gambrills, Maryland, United States

Gambrills, Maryland, United States
Band Americana


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"New CD"

Excellent effort and some heavy hitters perform on this new CD by Michael Butler. Members of Ratdog and Phil Lesh&friends (Mookie Siegel, Starland Vocal Band's (Jon Carroll), Mary Chapin Carpenter Band's, (Robbie Magruder, Producer David Kitchen from the famed Thrillbilly's pack this record like only seasoned veterans can. Many talented musicians are also on this record from the Mid-Atlantic region like, Dave Van Allen from Last Train Home. Hear snipits of this great record here at SonicBids. - HammerSawRecords


Charm City
Mike Who?
Should've Been By Now



NEW Video going viral on YouTube: "Charm City" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IawpGa1vNp8&feature=related

NEW VIDEO: "Choptank River Boys" on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUK3VJ_k2RU

“Should’ve Been By Now”
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Best Melody in Americana, week of 8Feb2010

Michael Butler is a singer/songwriter/performer from the Baltimore/Washington area. His music is prized in the eastern part of the state by lovers of the Chesapeake Bay and to the west by the hold outs holding up in the mountains. Americana / Alternative Folk Music is the best description we can come with to date. The lyrics are shear poetry and the music really rings out from a Taylor 12 string with chopped up capos. Hearing Michael live you'll sware there is more than one instrument on stage and no looping, just a hammering right-hands while the left wanders all over the fret board. Watching his left hand when he is covering Ba Ba O'reilly, it's like his index and middle finger are playing rhythm, his ring finger is playing the violin parts and his pinky in playing the harmonica part. Covering Levon by Elton John his small fingers play the string section and his big digits are playing piano.

Michael's new CD, "Should've Been By Now" will probably do just that. He always jokes with the audience by saying, "my goal is to be the oldest overnight success ever". The CD is selling all over the world thanks to the internet. Below are some reviews of the first song on the CD, "Choptank River Boys", from across the U.S. and Canada.

REIVIEWS of "Choptank River Boys"

Sometimes I can hear artist from the past in the artist of today and this is one here. John Prine comes to mind, one of the greatest song writers in the folk genre. "Whistle and Fish" or "That's The Way The World Goes Round" your up one day, the next your down. This song is definitely up, the guitar and banjo and I think it's a recorder, are all played perfectly, the lyrics flow gracefully as does the vocals. This is a band that could play at any folk festival. The mix and production are professional, and so is this song in total. Thanks for the pleasure.
Reviewed by: ALMCKINNON from Phila., New Jersey

Spellbinding story and vocals
Great Song! Your lyrics SMOKE! And your delivery as a lead vocalist is magical. The arrangement is GREAT....the dynamic "lift," the banjo fits perfectly, the guitar, the percussion...everything supports the vocals and the message beautifully! And when the Irish flute comes in, it solidifies the deal! It's like slam dunk. Dude, my wife says your charm oozes (so I had to lock her in the bedroom again...LOL). The hook is great (so many people don't get the importance of Kickin' it on the hook). You kicked it...best song I've reviewed thus far because everything is so strong...every aspect...I do hear the little hiccups and quirks in your voice and whatnot, but it actually works because it fits! I get extra points for giving you such an amazing review when I'm competing against you in the Americana genre. I want to hear your other stuff and perhaps you can come do a house concert at our venue if you're ever in Montana! Are your roots in the Appalachian Mountains?? http://halfabubbleoffstudios.com You get a score of 5/5
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Production, Lyrics, Mood, Originality, Best Feel Good Track. James_Morris_Pearson1
Darby, Montana

REVIEWS of "Sweet Country Singers"

Ricks Review
Good Delivery here -Nice Vocals
Great Lyrics here , Some Cowboy Country with A Chris Ledoux Edge,
Great Musicianship and Mix !
- rickstavely from Prince George, British Columbia, Canada on 24Feb2010

The music is very country and well played.Reminds me of Kris.Good message The singer is pure and heartfelt.Very well written song and very well done.I really like your style.One of the better pure country songs on here.
- BobbyMill from Americus, Georgia on 23Feb2010