Michael Cable & his Jazzbox

Michael Cable & his Jazzbox

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Michael Cable & his Jazzbox is a well seasoned mix of jazz, blues, rock, and americana with a cool hint of pop flavor. There's something for everyone on this band's set list. The music speaks for itself. We promise to leave you wanting more. Visit www.myspace.com/michaelcableandhisjazzbox.


Michael Cable & his Jazzbox is more of a family than a band. All the members have been personally selected by Michael to be a part of his band. Each member brings their own unique style to the mix. Michael is a self-taught musician and songwriter that wants to write songs that speak to people while using this craft to express himself. His influences include Duncan Sheik, Gillian Welch, Amos Lee, John Mayer, and Django Reinhart just to name a few. Justin Hensley is a classically trained musician and is majoring in music at East Tennessee State University. He brings all the elements of classical music to Michael Cable's sound. In his downtime, he enjoys playing bluegrass with his family and friends. He has also contributed his writing talents to Michael's catalog. Crystal Stewart is Michael's manager as well as his right hand for textures via the sax. She brings a sensual urban jazz sound to Jazzbox. She also plays auxillary percussion as well as the mandolin and co-writes with Michael.



Written By: Michael Cable

Somewhere in between Tennessee and nowhere
That’s when she first appeared to me
Sun dancing laughing playing on her skin
And a smile that could make your day

And she’s a wildflower
A tiger lily growing free
And she’s a wildfire
With the color of the sun burning free

She doesn’t like small talk it’s just a waste of her time
But if she likes you she’ll let you know
But don’t try to question her she’s had too much of that
If questions are what you need


Angel on fire with broken wings
Darkness surrounds you and your afterglow remains
But don’t try to tame her it’s just not part of her nature

Too Little, Too Late, Tonight

Written By: Crystal Stewart/Michael Cable

It’s been sometime since last we kissed
Ain’t it funny how the simple things you don’t think you’ll miss
Now I’m sitting here alone staring at the telephone
Wondering if I’ll ever love again

If you would’ve said “I’m sorry”
We would have been okay
If our love had been secure
We’d still be together today
Now you say if I’ll come back
You’ll love me with all your might
It’s too little, too late, tonight

The hours pass the days roll by
Still every time I think of you I hang my head to cry
Now you’re standing there holding my heart in your hands
Begging me for just one last try


And I look at you
And you see right through me
Cause you think you’ll have my heart
But I must be strong
No it won’t take long
Til I tell you again



Their debut album, Everybody Something, was released in early May 2007.

Set List

The set list contains the following original songs:
Too Little, Too Late, Tonight; Wildflower; Across the Wire; When You Fall; Firecracker; In the City; Skyline Skin; Everybody Something; Trip; All I Am; Another Side; Little Answer; and Back to You.

Covers that we include are: Before You Accuse Me; Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown; Don't Mess Around With Jim; Route 66; She Runs Away; Hit the Road Jack; I Got a Woman

We generally play 3 sets for a total of 2.5-3 hours.