BandHip HopPop

Eclectic, boundry pushing music based in hip hop, reggae and folk music and crossing all genres in between. Real musicianship and conscious lyrics by a multi-insturmentalist/producer/songwriter.


As manager, producer and musician, Michael Campion took one of the first groups he worked with from playing small shows in upstate New York to playing internationally with such artists as Nappy Roots, Blackalicious, Jurassic 5, Fat Joe, Cam’Ron, Mobb Deep and Naughty by Nature. He also took his artists Gym Class Heroes straight to MTV, where they walked away winning the MTV Direct Effect MC Battle for 2002. While still in college Michael promoted and produced concerts with 50 Cent, The Donnas, The Clipse, Rooney, City High and Jars of Clay among others. After graduating with a B.S. in Creative Writing and composing works for film and choreography; serious work on Michael’s solo album has begun. As a multi-instrumentalist, Michael writes, performs, produces and records all of the material himself. Studying music since age three, Michael sites musical influences across the spectrum. Serious musicianship, live instrumentation, socially conscious lyrics with attention to craft help make this music meaningful. Based in hip hop with elements of reggae, acoustic rock, latin rhythms, soul and classical music, Michael’s sound is truly unique. Mainstream hip hop today is for the most part stale, formulaic and socially destructive. Michael’s aim is to do for hip hop what Bob Marley did for reggae in the 70’s; establish positive music on a worldwide level. Keep an eye out for a full length release in early 2004. In the meantime, check out his first mixtape, “Selections Vol. 1”.


Debut album coming early 2004-

Set List

100% Honest Origionals.