Michael Carroll

Michael Carroll

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A career composer living an artists life. An intuitive connection with listeners. Instrumental music. Background in music for advertising (I'm famous in that regard). Just released a CD titled "Soundscapes" for introspection, blending music and natural/found sounds. Women seem to like it most.


Spent most of my professional career writing music for advertising (and some television) in New York City—I make it about 25 years of pizza, cereals, cars and cleansers. I’m the guy you’ve heard but never knew. Now living artist’s life. It’s a good life. Currently finishing a commission for a ballet.


Sexy (an EP under the pseudonym studio62), Almost Up To The Sky (electronic under the pseudonym Michael Remsen), Soundscapes (released under my own name)- a collage of short pieces from my interactive installations in parks and private residences here in Arizona.

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