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The best kept secret in music



• Tell the readers about yourself a little bit non-musically, to get a feel for who you are.

Wasup everybody! My name is Michael Celedon. Born and raised in Dallas , TX . I'm the youngest of three siblings, so I get all the perks of being the baby in the family J Before I ever picked up the guitar, I wanted to be a professional baseball pitcher, but I decided music is my life! I would call myself a hopeless romantic that enjoys longs walks on the beach, any movie/any time, and a great slice of pizza. I guess that's me in a nutshell.

• Now on to the important business. How long have you been making music?

I actually feel like a late bloomer in the music scene, because I didn't start playing the guitar until I was 19. I'm 23 now, so you can do the math on that. I grew up jammin' on the piano and violin at an early age. I even ventured my way to learn the accordion, believe it or not. I can play a mean accordion! But, I started writing my own music after I taught myself to play the guitar. It was a great way for me to release any thought or feeling that had been bottled up inside. It's my form of meditation.

• How long have you been playing the guitar?

My godfather gave me his old G-Series Takamine when I turned 19 and it was all she wrote from there. I learned every song possible and started making my own tunes along the way. He was a big Gun and Roses fan so he made me learn some of Slash's riffs, which was very cool. A friend and I would jam Dave Matthews' songs at open mics all the time. He was Dave and I was Tim.

• Who are you're biggest influences in music and your influences during your career in music? What would you classify your music under?

I think every singer/songwriter out there from my generation has to give Dave Matthews much of the respect for being a huge influence. Dave taught me chords that I can only dream of. I think the Beatles and Carlos Santana played a big part in my love for music because I had all their records when I was a kid and I would rock those all day on my record player. I even tried to scratch some of them like the DJs, which made my mom very upset J I'm a huge fan of Coldplay and Mr. Mayer and all those other songwriters that have opened the door for artists' like myself. I would classify my music under acoustic, rock/pop and not pop/rock because I feel my music is more on the edgier side of the music scene.

• What is your philosophy in making music, everyone has one, may it be in the lyrics or the actual composing of notes. What's yours?

I believe music making is easy and hard at the same time. People back in the day would jam G,C,D chords and call that a great song, but I'm always looking for a new avenue to express the musical note. I'm always searching for that new chord or new sound that can lift a song to another level. For me, the music has to come first and I have to fall in love with it before any lyrics come. There has to be an emotional connection to the notes of the song for me to be able to put lyrics to it. I have lots of tunes that are almost done. I'm just waiting for the right parts to come and hit me. Song writing is a timely process that shouldn't be rushed. Each song has its own timetable. I've written tunes in 30 minutes and others in 30 days. Certain songs just need more time to breathe and take life.

• Speaking about the songwriting process, is there any sort of inspiration behind your songwriting?

I love to write from the heart. I try to make music that would work even without the words. I feel both parts are key elements to making a good song. I will tell you one story of a song that just came together. My good friend gave me a ring around 2am one night and was just feeling down because of the loss of a loved one. He was so heart broken and in disbelief that he had lost his friend. I talked to him for at least an hour and picked up my guitar later that night. The song, “Someday,” came out of the hour-long conversation with my friend. It's just about feeling empty inside and so confused about life sometimes. It's a song that asks for answers and tries to find the brighter side of things in the end. That song came together very fast and I finished it that night.

• You have performed in a variety of venues, ranging from small and intimate ones to larger capacity ones opening up for major acts like Josh Kelley and Ryan Cabrera. What would be the perfect venue for you?

I have played in many venues and I still love those small, intimate ones the best. Don't get me wrong, it's awesome jammin' in front of 2,000 peeps, but I feel a closer connection in front of a smaller audience. I played a show in Decatur , GA one time at Eddie's Attic, which has to be one of my favorite venues ever, and the crowd was amazing. The venue only held 250 people, but they were all there to listen and be involved in the music. The sound there is crystal clear and the atmosphere is just amazing. I could hear people singing along to s - Music Mania

"Backstage Pass"

From Accordion player to singer-songwriter extraordinaire--

paving the way with Michael Celedon

By: Nicole Roberge

Michael Celedon is the best thing to come out of Texas since oil. Sure, there are other good things in that state, such as the Astros, cotton, and square dancing, but none of them will affect you the way Celedon’s music does. Raw and emotive, his songs are captivating and presented in such a manner that there’s not a single person his songs can’t reach. His voice carries his affecting lyrics, while his intricate guitar playing drives the melodies. His sincerity shines through in his music, and anyone who has seen him perform live has no doubt been touched by his luminous presence. All this from a kid who once played the accordion! Wow. Thanks for picking up the guitar, Michael! Otherwise, we wouldn’t have the incredible music that we do today.

Here, Michael Celedon takes us from his first tastes of music to the promising career that stands before him today:

Tuned In Music: What is your first memory of being interested in music?

Michael Celedon: Wow, it’s so hard to find the first, but I would have to say that I fell in love with music back in grade school. I played the piano only because my mother insisted on it, but I’m sure glad she did. Even though I started with easy tunes like ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’, I knew then that music can fill your heart and make you feel a way nothing else could. I kept learning new instruments, in search for the right one for me, and I finally decided that guitar was the right fit for me.

TI: Did you always want to be a singer and songwriter growing up?

MC: No way dude! That’s why I think it’s so shocking when old friends come out to some of the shows and hear me for the first time. They’re like, “what in the world!?” I definitely have loved playing music all my life, but I never really figured it as a career. I went through many phases of what I wanted to do. Like many others, I wanted to be a doctor, then professional baseball pitcher, then a male dancer. Wait, I wasn’t supposed to let you know about that last one! Yikes. I decided after high school, that I would start writing my own tunes and see where it takes me.

TI: You’re a young artist—how old were you when started performing live?

MC: My mom has these old school videos of me in grade school jamming on the piano and singing for the locals. I don’t know what I thought I was doing, but it’s a great laugh when we watch those. I even did a Spanish song for a Cinco De Mayo concert. So, we’re talking 6 and 7 years old when I was getting my jam on. When I finally picked up the guitar, around age 19, I started playing with my friend Ryan Cabrera at open mics. It was funny because I would be so shy and keep my head down as Ryan sang. He finally talked me in to doing some harmonies on some songs and I guess you can say that I came out of my shell after that. Now, I’ll get up and jam for anybody. It’s funny how it all works out.

TI: Texas seems to have a great music scene—how has it influenced your career?

MC: Texas does seem to produce tons of artists these days. I guess it’s in the water or something, but there are some really great musicians here and some haven’t even been discovered yet. As a Texan, I used to listen to nothing but Tejano music. They call it Tex-Mex. I begged my dad for an accordion for my 15th birthday and taught myself how to jam on that. I know, I know, me on the accordion. But, man it was awesome. I would spend all day listening to Tejano tunes and figuring out the accordion parts. I think the Texas music has helped me add many different flavors to my music. It has definitely impacted me in my songwriting. Guys like Stevie Ray Vaughn, Willie Nelson, and Monte Montgomery have opened the door for guitar players to push the limit with everything they do. Don’t mess with Texas!

TI: You’ve played with a lot of great musicians. What artist has been most fun to perform with?

MC: There have been so many crazy experiences that I could go on forever about, but I’ll mention a recent show with high school buddy, Ryan Cabrera. That was a fabulous show on many levels. One was the fact that I hadn’t seen him perform live in forever with his full band and the other was that when all of us guys get together, it’s going to be a great night. I opened his Dallas show, which was the first time he had ever headlined at the Gypsy Tea Room in forever, and it was simply amazing. The crowd was on fire that night and it helped me put on one of my best shows. Dallas rocks my socks off.

TI: Who has had the most influence on you—not just your music, but also your outlook on your career path?

MC: I have a firm belief that God has been guiding me to where I am from the start. Without his graces in my life, I wouldn’t be anywhere right now. I have asked him to help - Tuned in Music


Lauren, Someday, You, Follow Me, Then Again, Never Over, She is Lost, Feels so Good,

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Feeling a bit camera shy


Influenced by artists including the Dave Matthews Band, Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead, John Mayer and Guster, Michael Celedon's versatile sound blurs the lines between genres, leaving one hard-pressed to classify him as simply singer/songwriter, alternative, or popular rock. Celedon has been well-received at some of the most popular clubs in the south including Trees, The Gypsy Tea Room, Curtain Club (Dallas), Momo's, Cactus Café (Austin), Eddie's Attic (Atlanta), Schubas (Chicago), Sticky Fingerz (Little Rock), Rhythm room, Continental Club (Houston), The Orange Peel (Asheville), Treff’s (Waco) and has even appeared as the featured musical guest on Fox news in Austin. Michael has shared the stage with such acts as Ryan Cabrera, Jackopierce, Josh Kelley, Cary Pierce, Tristan Prettyman, Jeffrey Gaines, Monte Montgomery, The Samples, Seven Nations, Dexter Freebish, Oddibe, Glenn Tilbrook, Charlie Mars and many others. In the tradition of many great singer/songwriters, Celedon is taking to stages of all sizes, playing intimate shows at coffee houses in addition to large concerts at high capacity venues. Michael plans to move to Los Angeles in 2006. He has a great following there and can get a crowd going everybit as well as his venues in Texas. Michael's songs "Lauren" and "Someday" have been heard on MTV's show"MADE".