Michael Clay Band

Michael Clay Band


Americana, Country/Folk. Original music


Michael Clay Myers was born in Denver, Colorado on March 27, 1968. He began singing as soon as he could talk.
At age 10 he started playing guitar and shortly afterwards began to write songs. He played his first professional show at age 12 at his Middle school’s Halloween carnival in Beaumont, Texas. Michael recorded his first “45” record on MAGNUM RECORDS when he was barely 14 years old. He began playing professionally with his guitar teacher through his Junior High school years. His songwriting gradually improved.
After High school, Michael attended Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. He studied Marketing, changed his Major to English, but mainly wrote songs, learned to play piano, and yearned to study music.
In the summer of 1989, Michael “Myers” was hired to sing full time at “Opryland USA” in Nashville, Tennessee. He performed at “Opryland’ for 5 years. During this time he worked with country legends such as Roy Acuff, Minnie Pearl, Little Jimmy Dickens, Porter Waggoner, and many more. He was invited to appear on the “Grand Ole Opry” in the summer of 1992. He was asked to come back to sing with Garth Brooks. This was a life-long dream come true.
He then moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, to sing at the “Alabama Theatre.” He later toured the west coast and then headed back to Nashville. He formed a band and played the very best venues in Nashville and sought a record deal. After many close calls” with both major record labels and publishing companies, he was given funding to record an independent album and released a single to country radio. He was given a favorable review in “Music Row Magazine," by Robert Oerman on the song, “All She Wrote.” Shortly thereafter his current CD, “Free Somewhere”, was released. It stayed at #2 for over 2 weeks, and in the top 10 for months, at the Tower Records in Nashville.
Michael Clay (dropping his last name), moved to Austin, Texas, in 2002 to pursue ‘rootsy-er” music styles and follow his heart and his love for folk music. He is currently recording his new album, “Ready"


Austin Texas

Written By: Michael Clay, Georgia Middleman

"Austin, Texas"
(Michael Clay, Georgia Middleman) copywrite 2006

Austin Texas, we were drivin' with the top rolled down
Your hands on the wheel, the wind the only sound
I was thinkin' this must be a dream
Me here, you there lovin' me

And the wheels keep turnin' (here down below)
And the fire still burnin' (out of control)
And the wheels keep turnin'
In Austin, Texas

Lake Travis, we were passin', the water looked so blue
Seat back, eyes closed, I put my trust in you
Time does not exist here in this car
There's nowhere else to be but where we are

And the wheels keep turnin' (here down below)
And the fire still burnin' (out of control)
And the wheels keep turnin'

Oh, Oh.....Oh, Oh...Oh, Oh

Austin, Texas, we're still drivin', miles and miles go by
Your hand, on the wheel, the other hand in mine....

Chorus out.


Free Somewhere

Set List


To well known artist such as Johnny Cash - I've Been Everywhere, Hank Williams - Singing the Blues, Jambalaya Love Sick Blues, and many more upbeat country songs that everyone knows the words to from Delta Dawn to now! And many cross over / pop hits such as "Brown-eyed girl," "Lee Roy Brown." Jimmy Buffet, etc....