michaelCSmith pulls on all that's best of American Folk, Rock and Country music. A Unique storyteller with a singing style all his own. He's everything you've ever loved about music without sounding nostalgic or dated. Fresh Americana spilling from his veins into the hearts of his listeners.


A born storyteller, michaelCSmith carries with him the weight and legacy of his own American culture.

Uniquely original, yet hauntingly familiar, he weaves his stories through the highways and back roads of the American conscious, like Steinbeck driving alongside the Joads or like Tom Waits packing up his circus tent and hopping the tracks to the next town.
Whether you catch him in a solo/acoustic gig or fronting a full band you are guaranteed to get an intimate and riveting experience. He captures all the communion and reflection of our best singer/songwriters, politics and humor of our best folk singers and the excitement, youthfulness and energy of great American Rock, all at once in a rich tapestry very much his own.
His vocabulary is as large as the American landscape and his heart, soul, mind and body are singularly devoted to the craft he so willingly and lovingly nurtures and shares.

His influences include John Steinbeck, Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, Gillian Welch, Hank Williams, Jesus Christ, the Apostle Paul, The Apostle E.F, Charles Bukowski, Keith Richards, Chuck Berry, Ace Frehley, John Mellencamp, Lucinda Williams, Johnny Cash, U2, David Bowie, Elvis Presley, John Grimm, William Blake, Walt Whitman, his mom and dad, Bela Lugosi, Van Gough, the man on the street in LA in 1997, his wife, a good pair of converse and a thousand and one other people, places, things, events and ideas.


Diamond Earrings

Written By: michaelCSmith

well i pulled up behind that old
tail light arrow sign
with mercy in my hands and
murder on my mind
i turned the engine off i didn't think
it over at all
i pulled the trigger back babe
and let the hammer fall

now the trailor park smells
like sulfer and there's mud down in the well
every man carries in himself
his own heaven or his hell

there was a pair of diamond earrings
last Christmas you just had to have
i sold my records babe
and i borrowed money from your dad
when they stand me in the courtroom and ask what went on in my head
i'll tell 'em it was those old diamond earrings on the table
by his bed

now the trailor park smells like sulfer and there's mud down in the well
every man carries in himself
his own heaven or his hell

Alberta Park (Hollis)

Written By: michaelCSmith

Hollis lived down
in alberta park
he'd come out at night and look for food
after it went dark
he'd smoke cigarette butts he'd find in
trash cans and on the side walks
he'd lay on the beach and let that water breathe him in

pay no attention to men like these
the poor we'll have with us always
if we always turn and leave

hollis said that sunset was like
watchin' God wake up
they'd spend their days together
and talk of dreams and Love and such
hollis Loved a girl once
sylvia she could dance like a queen
then the baby died one july sunrise
now that was all just used to be

hollis swam out to an island one night
a little ways from the shore
lit a cigarette he found and
talked with his Lord
looked up at the stars like he was
lookin' in the promised land
some folks may tell you different
but i believe he was buried
by God's own hand


Written By: michaelCSmith

liberty draws the water
bathing on her midnight roof
beautiful her heart is beating
to the sound of the drum of truth
well i went to see her
with my gold and my money
said i'll give you half of my kingdom
if you'll come away with me
she said my husband justice
he would just not oblige
i will keep his bed so warm for him
i am the keeper of his pride

well i, in my temptation
and my heart filled with lust
said i'll be your Lover on my word
you can trust
i'll have your husband killed
i will have your husband hanged
and justice will be an unused name

so i called my hired soldiers
and i called my strong young men
i said go, go away and find justice
i will wage my war on him
darkness fell on the kingdom
and the sands by the shore
did cry
and i chased justice down to the water
and i watched as justice died

i drove away with liberty in a long black limosiune
they had a son who followed
he swore in his father's name
that he would have my blood and he would restore the fame
of liberty to the kingdom

that night as i lay sleeping
justice's blood still fresh
their son came in through
the window and bled my body to death
he said mother, oh mother i am your keeper
i will undo this shame
i will restore your sacred beauty
and i will bare my father's name

The Gravedigger

Written By: michaelCSmith

each morning before the sun
jeremiah would get up
wash his face and hands and comb his hair
a cup of coffee by himself
his wife and kids asleep
he'd make his way out the front door and down the stairs

he had an old tool shed
out behind the house
with an old rusted shovel with splintered grips
he'd walk down that broad path that ran beside his road
and start diggin' holes beside the fence
he never planted anything
he never filled them up
he'd just dig and dig and never would explain
along about one jereimiah would take his lunch
and not return home again til
the closing of the day

well the town folk used to talk and jerimiah's wife would plead
jeremiah stop this useless work
i spend all my days down at the factory
so our kids they can have what they need

the years went on by and jeremiah he got old
and his kids they all moved away
his wife left him too when the last one had gone
the holes just got deeper by the day

well rabbits have their holes
and foxes have their dens
but the Son of God
had no place to hide
one day jeremiah crawled down in the deepest hole
he lay that shovel down beside him and he died


Set List

A prolific songwriter; michaelCSmith has a large vocabulary of songs to pull from.
He is currently promoting his forthcoming debut release, so his sets include all or most of that album.
He can play for as short a time or as long a time as he is needed, but prefers 1 and a half to two hours.

He does enjoy a few covers, including tunes from Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, The Band, Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Lucinda Williams, Hank Williams, Neautral Milk Hotel, Son House, Robert Johnson, The Carter Family...etc.