Michael Daniel

Michael Daniel


I am a diverse and eclectic composer of many styles and genres, including rock, jazz, musical theater, film music, and classical concert music. If you need an original, fresh piece of music quickly and efficiently, I am your man.


If Stephen Sondheim, Danny Elfman, and John Williams were to have a child, that would be me. Of my many musical influences, these composers have had the greatest impact on me and my musical voice. Stephen Sondheim led to my passion for musical theater, while Danny Elfman and John Williams led to my decision to major in Film Scoring at Berklee College of Music. I have taken their influence (and the influence of many others) to mold and shape my own unique voice.


Don't Look At Me

Written By: Michael Daniel

Mary: Don’t look at me or my wrinkled face
I’m too old for this see-through lace
Once, before this strife, I was beautiful
But now I’m just a wife, who tries to be dutiful.
My Eddie, won’t you look at me?

I treasure you with all my heart and soul
To pleasure you is my only goal
What has happened to my Eddie?
Don’t turn your face away—I’m just trying to see
Eddie, you never look at me

Remember when we first dat-
-ed? You reeled me in like a fish
You said I was the perfect catch
Now I watch your skillful master bait-
-ing—You’ve hooked a brand new dish
And now you look at her instead of me!

Eddie: Mary—

Mary: Don’t!—look at me with your pitiful
eyes. I’m so sick of your age-old
lies. How dare you try to look at me!
I don’t need your pity—there’s nothing here to see
‘Cause now the insides of my thighs smell like
Rotten apple pies…
Eddie: Mary!
Mary: …so I guess it’s not surprising
That my marriage is demising!
Eddie: Mary, please--
Mary: No, Eddie please...look…don’t you look at me!

Throbbing Heads and Aching Groins

Written By: Michael Daniel

Post-coital bliss may have its reward
But every perk has its price
But this fee does not cost a token
While drunken coupling may be quite nice
Once clarity is restored,
And feeling returns to your loins,
You’ll find you’ve awoken
To throbbing heads and aching groins

A New Year’s kiss can be fun at the time
But come morn you may find the miss was your sis
Incest might be ok in the South
Or, possibly, even with the Swiss
But for most of us, it’s considered a crime
So stay away from that bus, and save the fruit of your loins
Don’t be an in-bred and give her mouth-to-mouth
Or you’ll wake up in bed with incestuated groins

Same-sex experimentation may have its merits
But bestiality is a big taboo
By all means, try a taco or wiener,
But animals belong in the zoo
So keep the bedroom free of all ferrets
And resist your craving for those pork loins
I think you’ll find that humans are cleaner
So spare the beasts from the aching groins

Abandoned Ambitions

Written By: Michael Daniel

How did I get here from there?
When did I get off the track?
Once I had ideals—I was on a mission
But now my life is a story of abandoned ambitions

When did the game become a solitaire?
At what point did I lose the knack
For following my intuitions?
When did the dreams become abandoned ambitions?

I could have done anything I wanted
The future did not have me daunted
But dreams did not put food on the table
The rest is an age-old fable

How do I get there from here?
How do you lose, what once was so near?
How do you find the lost composition
On the road of abandoned ambitions?
How do you end the redundant repetitions
In a life of abandoned ambitions?
How do you avoid that cloaked apparition
At the end of the road of abandoned ambitions?

Somewhere That's Cleaned (By Someone Other Than Me)

Written By: Michael Daniel

A butler of my own
A house beside a lake
A barbecue on the patio
In the kitchen, racks of steak
Of servitude and slavery, I’ll be forever weaned
All the chores, I will be spared
Somewhere that’s cleaned
By someone other than me

He rakes and trims the grass
This butler of my dreams
I’ll sit on my lazy ass
While he cleans all the screens
My number is unlisted to free me of these fiends
I’ll be no more despaired
Somewhere that’s cleaned
By someone other than me

There’ll be no frozen dinner
My bedtime—anytime!
I’ll stay up watching Buffy
And won’t be forced to sing and rhyme…

He’s my year-round slave
But not in any kinky way
He cleans up all my doody
Hell, he cleans all night and day
A picture-perfect life, I’ll no longer be demeaned
Far from these creeps
I’m sure I’ll sleep
Somewhere that’s cleaned
As long as it’s not by me

Getting and Staying Together

Written By: Michael Daniel

Love—that enigmatic mystery
Its tale’s as old as history
No king nor peasant,
No God nor pheasant
Can resist its charm

It changes everything
While keeping it the same
You give a ring and take a ring
But through all kinds of weather,
It’s all about staying and getting together.

But, hark—its nettles can bring harm
Do not let your guard be disarmed
No jester nor king,
No soul mate nor summer fling
Has not felt its sting.

But that is the game we play
You get and you stay,
Then you stay and you get
But through the games with the feathers
It’s all about staying and getting together.

Lust—that irresistible seductress
With her penetrable fortress
No beast nor man,
No cat nor wom—well wait, it’s rumored
That woman is less humored
By lust’s out-reaching arm

So at the end of the day
You get and you stay,
Then you stay and you get
You take turns with the leather
But it’s all about staying and getting together
It’s all about staying and getting and getting and staying