Michael Dean Church

Michael Dean Church


Rascall Flatts Meets Journy, electrified contemporary country, delivered from one of the most dynamic undiscovered voices in recent country music history.


Michael Dean Church was born in a part of our country where hard work is just a part of everyday life. Welch, WV isn’t glamorous. Dreams there are filled with the day to day struggle of working coalminers trying to survive. The work is dark, dirty and dangerous; but it binds the community together like no other profession.

Families gather in small churches each Sunday where music becomes a food for their souls. Almost every family has at least one guitar player or banjo picker representing their family. Some family’s have those that can sing. You learn to appreciate your neighbor, developing the skills of respect and concern when you grow up there. All of this becomes a part of who you are.

On any given day, something could happen in a coal mine that would change your life forever. Church’s father was injured in a mining accident, while Church was just a toddler. Unable to continue mining, Church’s father worked in the mine as security. By the time Church was twelve, the local mines began to close, leaving his family no choice but to relocate to where work was available.

The Church’s packed-up the family, and headed for Rome, Georgia. There Michael Dean Church found himself in a whole new environment. Here the mountains didn’t block the radio waves. All types of music eagerly flowed into the Church’s home: country, blues, pop, R&B, and Gospel. Michael Dean Church soaked-up what he heard, singing to the radio, noticing, not just the rhythm and beat, but also the emotions that the singers expressed when they sang a lyric. He developed the ability to interpret the emotion of a song vocally, while still a young teenager.

Michael Dean Church explored his new found singing abilities in high school by joining the choir. He over came his self-conscious fears and near shy tendencies. In speaking about his first experience in front of an audience Church stated, “My knees were knocking, and I was terrified. But once I realized that I could effect people and make them happy, then, I was hooked.”

After graduating from high-school, Michael Dean Church began testing the waters by performing in the night clubs around Rome, GA. He developed a strong following of fans. After hearing the words “you should move to Nashville” from fans, family, and friends… Church decided it was time to follow the advice and move to Nashville.

But Nashville can be a tuff town to navigate. Breaking into the elite circle of influential industry professionals takes an extreme level of talent… and that’s just to get noticed. Trusting in his faith, Michael Dean Church knew that the right people would be there at the right time. After hours of singing demos, developing his song writing skills, and meeting with industry notables, providence shined down on Michael Dean Church. Producers Russ Zavitson and Tony Haselden took notice of Church’s talent and stepped into his life. Church’s ability to interpret song lyrics did not go unnoticed by them. Together they unlocked the doors that Church alone could never have opened. Suddenly top songwriters such as Amie Mayo, Steve Dukes, Jeb Anderson, Chris Lindsey and Brett James were bringing their songs to the table, creating the beginnings of a hit project.

Michael Dean Church is prepared, not only with faith and the determination to succeed, but also the talent, strong good looks, and fortitude to move to the forefront.

MICHAEL DEAN CHURCH is destined to succeed… He knows no other way to live!


Why Cant You forgive me 4 song EP

Live it out loud (2005)

Set List

have an extensive repertoire of contemporary country songs as well as about 15-20 origionals