Michael Dean Ester

Michael Dean Ester

 Buffalo, New York, USA

This veteran comic has built a brand new kind of campus event. It's called THE REASON YOU'RE HERE! Imagine an award-winning comedy show that actually focuses students on what it means to SUCCEED in college and beyond.


Campus Activities Magazine has named Michael Dean Ester as one of the "Hot Comics of 2009!" The October '08 issue of Programming Magazine features an article on this campus comic's mission to inspire dream careers across the country. He has been nominated "Comedian of the Year" by NACA, "Performer of the Year!" by APCA, and "Best Male Performer!" by Campus Activities Magazine. With over 1500 live performances to his credit, Michael's crowd-pleasing talents are matched only by his professionalism. Maybe that's why his high-energy humor is a repeat success at so many schools from coast to coast. Dr. Graham Spanier, the President of Penn State University (where Michael has twice performed for Convocation crowds of 10,000) had this to say: "Michael Dean Ester is a master entertainer. He never fails to connect with his audiences. Our students resonate with his message while getting a dose of the best comedy around."

After graduating from college, this former CAB exec took off his cap and gown and grabbed a microphone, inspired by his role as comedy chair to become his gneration's foremost college-oriented comedian. Over the past decade, he has filled his act with insights, cutting commentary, and timely reflection on the often painful experiences of young adulthood's most formative years. His punchlines deliver valuable advice and his upbeat style encourages students to think while they laugh. He just doesn't work clean, he kills clean - relying on hard-hitting material and his arresting stage presence. His message is a simple one. People who love what they do never have to work for a living. His career in living proof. Maybe that's why he was selected to publish his life's story in "Inspiration for Student Programmers!" by Collegeiate Empowerment publishers.

Is Michael easy to work with? When the activities board books him for a show, he considers himself an honorary member. As his own publicity chair, he prepares full color posters with every event detail. They arrive ready to hang. During the show, he acknowledges the board members and promotes upcoming events. Most importantly, he never forgets the number one rule of campus comedy. When a student group hires a comedian, they put something else up there on stage...their reputation. Michael's commitment to great college entertainment has earned the respect of programmers nationwide, including more than 30 regional NACA Conference showcases, 3 National NACA showcases, and multiple "Reader's Choice" awards from Campus Activities Magazine.


Comedian Michael Dean Ester guides audiences through the pressures placed on today’s college-bound generation. His goal is to help young adults arrive at the true meaning of success and demonstrate how a college education can help them define success in their individual lives. Using his own life as an example, Michael encourages students to discover their own particular skills and interests as the basis for a fulfilling career. (The Reason You’re Here!) After all, those who are passionate about their work are the richest people indeed because they don’t really work at all.

“When you discover your passion, you unleash a whole new motivation for pursuing an education. You finally understand why you started hearing about it the moment you were born. You learn the real reason you go to college: YOU.”

*Winner: "Best Male Comedian!" at CampusAwards.com

*Campus Activities Magazine named him on of 2009's "Hot Comics!"

*Nominated NACA "Comedian of the Year!"

*Nominated APCA "Performer of the Year!"

*Opened for Dane Cook before an audience of 10,000 in the "Sun Dome" at Univ. of South Florida!

*Appeared in the movie "Senseless" with Marlon Wayans and David Spade

*Michael's '08 back-to-school tour rocked America with 52 appearances before the end of September!

Set List


Michael Dean Ester
& "The Reason You're Here!"

* Why Everyone Should Love the Campus Activities Board
* Jokes about Campus Life: RA's, Orientation,
Work-Study Jobs, etc.
* Taking the SAT
* Intoduction: "The Reason You're Here!"
* A humorous look at college cliches: partying,
pleasing parents, making more $ someday
* Defining Success on a Personal Level
* Who is the Biggest Success in American History? Why?
* Jokes about Technology, Political Correctness,
Higher Education, etc.
* How to Screw Your School Back for Every Nickel of
that High Tuition!
* The Big Decision: Working -vs- "Doing Your Thing"
for a living
* Why I Love My Job & How You Can Love Yours
* Using College to Put Yourself in a Dream Career
* My Advisor: Yoda & the 3 Most Important Words Ever
* Campus Humor: The Bookstore, Dating, Campus
Security, Boxer Shorts, etc.
* My Life in a Nutshell: What is Romance?, When is it
Flirting? The First Time