Michael Derning

Michael Derning


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Written By: Michael Derning

Pilgrims of horizon
The table lay bare
I searched for a mask
Hid my face in your hair

Lost in charade
And a lover's slow chant
Your breath on my eyelids
The covers thrown back

We sleep walked in daylight
Kept castles of stone
Dreamed of the sun
He appeared, flesh and bone

The parting, the calling
The knife in its sheath
And pressed between pages
The moment's bare leaf

Now I'm asked to remember
But the night has grown long
You're calling to shadows
I can't make you strong

Burnt by madness
A mind's dull refrain
I walk through the silent
Forest of rain

The future, the future
To see what we've wrought
I can't find the courage
To say what I thought

I love your strange way
I can't let you down
But the room is so empty
The hills are so brown