Michael DiLuzio

Michael DiLuzio


'Jimmy Buffet' meets 'Styx' with 'A Perfect Circle' on the side.


Songs about life, love and the pursuit of happiness from a mid-thirties guy that has lived all three to the max.



Written By: michael diluzio

All alone, darkest day
Thinking of an ending - to my life story
It's been a tale of 'woe is me' until that fateful day
Then it all became clear

There's so much I passed by
that's what I'm thinking on
I wanna tell the passer-by
Instead I self contain the lie

Another day, some other way - someone always beat me
Into that sordid story
I thought I could be a fan of your constant maybe
But I can't hold on with a broken hand

It's the same ol same ol day
And I patiently waited
Something new was supposed to be
Arriving this time

Arriving this time, to change everything

They gimme lies and more lies - send those lies and more lies

There's so much we pass by - that's what i figured out
It's all the lies - endless lies
I'm choking them all down

Feed me lies, more lies
It's all about these lies
Celebrate your lie

All Good

Written By: michael diluzio

Enough, I can't take anymore
This control over me
The good times pass us by
and wave goodbye

When the silent speak they hold it over me
I'm not some freak - just not what I seem
It's all good, good enough for me

Listen to the world and take a breath
there's nothing to it this time
Be a part of the story on a cold and windy
day alone inside

Silence speaks clouding what I see
I'm not some freak - just not what you need
It's all good

But the pain is more than it seems
The love will set me free
The stain lingers over me
The boat rescued me, come and rescue me

Tried to win - but I blew it
Tried to stay - couldn't do it
Tried to lie - never do it
Now I'm trying to forget

I need your help to get me through it
I need your strength just to move it
I need your will I can do it
You're always good to me
Good to me


Most are still being recorded - the two up here have scratch vocals and had to get them as good as I could in 24 hrs. for the submission deadline

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Can do most anything (and have) but I'm a recording musician right now