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Michael Disbrow

 Port Orford, Oregon, USA

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Written By: Michael Disbrow

POSITIVE POVERTY written by Michael Disbrow (mrdisbrow@gmail.com)

Now I’m just a casualty of the twentieth century
That tragedy of industrial chemical waste
Linked up with technology they made no apology
For corporation plunders and paradise erased
Working their jobs we cut our own throats
Marching for the enemies wasting the earth
Leaving behind trails of disease and destruction
Priceless is the value of what it was worth

Simpler ways, simpler days
Willing to give up convenience
Positive poverty as Cactus Ed said
Showing the world some allegiance (a little lenience)
How much is it worth a breath of clean air
A drink of pure water some wild sensations
This is our birthright and it’s only fair
To save it for the future generations

Witnessing the ignorance of the planet’s destruction
That insanity compels one to join in the fray
By just growing older mistrust starts to smolder
And eyes begin to recognize earth’s sad decay
We all want to float on dreams of some hope
Believing that tomorrow will be better then today
So we can’t stay the course marching on with the force
Helping what’s left of paradise get wasted away

So we fell for the lies and the tricks of propaganda
Giving blind trust never question the plan
Decimate paradise for your heaven is waiting
Like everything on earth was just put here for man
We eat poison foods and pay with our health
We can make toxic waste of every resource we see
And we may move mountains but that only proves
Man has no right just to do as he please

The time for changing is here if you can see through the tears
The planet we’re left with is battered and bruised
But we must pay the cost for all’s never lost
They started this war now and one side will lose
Some people you meet well they don’t give a-damn
They believe that this planet is only for man
Their heaven’s not here that’s their own foolish plan
And just look what they’ve done to our heavenly land

Like an invasive vine all twisted and entwined
With every aspect of the daily grind
Religion and government, hand greasing hand
With corporate scum on top of the slime
Bottom lines govern all their decisions
They pay no heed to their dastardly deeds
Diehards stand proud, like cursed mushroom clouds
And never concede, or question their creed

If you’re not in the club, you’re on the buffet
Contaminated water, defiled air
Products of poison designed to entice
With ethics of greed a religious creed
Their victims get stuck paying the price

And I know it’s true the time’s overdue
This land is our land, so lets make them pay

the old USA

Treat me like a politician corrupt with decay
Try to bribe me with gifts but I’d still never sway
Honesty integrity can’t be purchased with a lay
I’d never sell out no matter how much they’d pay


Written By: Michael Disbrow

COLD NORTHERN WIND written by Michael Disbrow (mrdisbrow@gmail.com)

Well life came full circle despite the lovely day
Like an impressionist painting the sun cast perfect rays
I remember that scene and the essence of that light
On that clear autumn morning so chilled and so bright
Now life’s twists and turns can seem sometimes so unfair
So why predict the future you’ll never be prepared
We are blind from the day we’re born to see the day ahead
A curse or a blessing we live here and now instead

Oh a cold northern wind blows in my face
Snows cape on the land
My view reflects the sunshine’s grace
And living is my only plan

Labyrinth and mystery these days defined surreal
All prospects changing inside you feel a chill
The future has no form though constant on your mind
Everyday feels like a friend you hate to leave behind
Second chances seldom if ever come your way
Like wishes, dreams and fantasies or answers if you pray
But then your fate will change can’t be explained or understood
Bad luck could be a blessing a curse turn out good

Misfortunes might be miracles, blessings unforeseen
Make no predictions, place no bets on where your faith will lean
And after you’ve been clear cut, strip mined and almost killed
Reinvent yourself don’t simply just rebuild
I find myself just wishing some contentment we may find
It’s always been for what it’s worth just a state of mind
For not too much is certain so make no long term plan
All is cursed and blessed perspective shifts like sand

Constant Companions

Written By: Michael Disbrow

CONSTANT COMPANIONS written by Michael Disbrow (mrdisbrow@gmail.com)

Wind blowing over the firs and the pines
Reliving moments that used to be mine
Life’s many changes blow in so swiftly
You only know what’s left behind
There’s no stopping movement, rotation patterns
Times passing can’t be denied
I wish life was a revolving door
Round and round same as the tide

This song’s for you my constant companions
This song’s for me too
Live day to day ain’t no use in planning
Or telling what fate might do

I follow our old paths alone
No telling where I may roam
Up on the edge of a canyon of memories
Stumbling over the stones
I carefully step to the edge
You never know what you may spy
Stare on into the abyss the abyss stares right back
You will fall but sometimes you’ll fly

The past now reflects like a mirror
To the design of time I cast a leer
If I had control of this solar system
Days would last year upon year
Time’s past we move on
Though we might wish the past reappear
Yesterdays gone so live on today
For tomorrow may never be here