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"Michael Douet"

BMI Papers Inc.
Michael Douet play's Saxophone with The Trumpet Player for Earth Wind and Fire on 4 Potential Hit records since the age of 21.

This is a Educational Saxophone Video for all player's beginning, intermediate, Professional, and for all players. This is a sincere strong influental Educational Instruction to get player's just starting off on a strong start-and Michael Douet is sincere about this, he is dedicated to giving you the best performance of his life, he put this together from his heart, he has roots starting back to 1976 with Music teacher Lawrence Davis in 1976.

He is genuine,and he has the experience that you will get it right away. Michael Douet is serious about this, he even has paperwork outlining every note and shows you on paper how to figure out scales for every note that he learned from a friend,and this is extra he didn't have to do that but Michael said that "he gets his fulfillment from you catching on and catching on fast" Michael has it designed for you to right away catch on fast, thats why Michael personally wrote paperwork by hand and he is one of the best writer's we know,he has a gift especially for writing, he reads and writes and sight reads no problem, he is one of the best.The Saxophone Knowledge he learned on the streets of Los Angeles, from some of the best player's in the World Rico, was one of them, he personally got me started I have written down for you exactly what Rico, a very good friend I grew up with, who has serious roots in Music History he passed it on to me at a very early time in my Performance in 1977 on Jefferson Blvd. In Los Angeles on his own hard work looking for nothing other than to see you be better than what I am, I received my first Saxophone from Betnum's Music Store on Larchmount off Beverly Blvd. who also has David Sanborn as a customer from Sal Betnum and his wife. I am also showing you step by step how to be one of the best player's in the World visit Mike at Http://www.Broadjam.com/Michaeldouet now on the actual back cover my other Website is spelled wrong it actually is Http://www.Michaeldouet.com sorry for the mistake and I also spelled my Mouthpiece wrong to it is spelled "Runyon" from "Sante Runyon" who is know longer with us but he had Charlie Parker taking lessons look him up if you get a chance.
- Michael Douet Publishing BMI


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Michael Douet Play with The Trumpet Player for Earth Wind and Fire on several Potential hit Records since the age a 21