Michael Dylan & The Sleepwalkers

Michael Dylan & The Sleepwalkers


FUNKY ROCK REGGAE. The Sleepwalkers combine passionate songwriting that frees the mind, a deep and funky rhythm section that moves your body, and sweet harmonies that stir your soul.


Michael Dylan & The Sleepwalkers is a funk, rock and reggae band from Boston whose belief in peace and progress is best expressed through their music. The band is the project of Berklee graduate Michael Dylan, who has been writing music since his early teens. During his studies he was able to assemble a dynamic and talented band to help him manifest his music in the best way possible. Together they have been playing around the Boston-area since 2004. Influenced by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Sleepwalkers have a unique mix of styles and a sound that are perfect for clubs, parties or any other venue that needs a fun and entertaining act.

The essence of the band’s musical prowess is best displayed in their energetic live shows. Much of the success of these shows comes from the diverse makeup of the band. Mike leads the show with a calm demeanor, shredding guitar licks and spontaneously evolving lyrics. Keyboardist Christian Foushee’s monstrous stage presence is reflected in his soulful piano style. The funky musings of bassist Rob Phillips provide counterpoint to Mike’s rock-centered guitar. Fattening up the lead vocals, and adding some sweet harmonies of their own are the background vocals of Maddy Grieco and Michaela Kaser. Gluing together all this musical mayhem is drummer Tommy Hartman, whose jazz-tinged beats hold down the groove with machine-like precision.

The Sleepwalkers have captured their years of effort on the forthcoming album, "Synchronize," due out in early 2009. This entirely self-produced labor of love is the culmination of almost a year of recording, mixing, re-recording, and then mixing some more. The record reflects the group’s variety of musical interests; from the driving funk of “Unsupervised” to the laid back reggae of “Meet You At The Bottom”. There’s even a few surprise studio tracks that the band whipped up just for the album.

Their resume of venues includes TT the Bears, The Middle East, The Draft, MIT, Galvin’s Harp and Bard, An Tain, the All Asia, and more.


Synchronize (2008)

Set List

Original Material (Appx. Running Times. We do open jams on most songs)-
DogEatDog (2:45)
Meet You At The Bottom (3:45)
Synchronize (3:30)
Slowing Down (5:00)
Rattlesnake (2:30)
Stood Up (3:00)
Make it Home (3:00)
Always Break You Down (2:45)
Trip On (6:30)
It Once Appeared
We May Never Know
Funk it till it Flies
Chemical Surround

Time of the Season (The Zombies)
Oh Darling (The Beatles)
Why Don't We Do it in the Road? (The Beatles)
and many more